(God’s Not Dead) The numbers are in and it’s official. According to the industry’s leading tracking firm, “God’s Not Dead”, produced this year by Pure Flix, hit No. 2 position on the national home video sales charts the week ending August 1oth.


According to the Variety Magazine article published this week, “God’s Not Dead ranks #2, on both the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert chart, which tracks overall disc sales, Blu-ray Disc and DVD combined, and Nielsen’s dedicated Blu-ray Disc sales chart.”

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I have to admit, watching these amazing athletes compete in Sochi has got me feeling, not only patriotic, but a little, let’s say, underachieving. It’s incredible to think that these are the fastest, strongest, most disciplined individuals on the planet. No wonder we love to watch them compete. Read More & Comment →

In the Beginning…

God's Not Dead Proof #2 - The universe had to begin with something, and it couldn’t be itself.

Everything in the universe has a cause. If I hold out a pen and drop it (cause), it will fall (effect). I could also say: I was born (effect) because my mother gave birth to me (cause)...but then that begs the question, “Where did she come from?” Read More & Comment →

God’s Not Dead Proof #1 - The complexity of the world is evidence of a designer.

From the fish in the sea, to the brain in your head, to the tree outside your window, this world is full of incredibly intricate constructions. Even those who don’t believe in a Creator would agree that the world is a mesmerizingly beautiful and complex place...but it didn’t start that way.   Read More & Comment →