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It's a Miracle


Season 1

It's a Miracle (Season 1) 43 min
Town Menorah, Kidney Connection, God Was My Co-Pilot, Mountain Vision, and On-Ramp Romance 43 min
Heaven's Matchmaker, Norman the Dog Angel, Elk Angels, Heaven Sent, Plane Miracle 43 min
Tornado Miracle, Angels Save Boy, Grand Canyon Angel, Semi Truck Dream, Clemente Tragedy 43 min
Baby Comes to Life, Burning from Within, Tara's Angels, Healed by Kindness, Dannion Brinkley 43 min
Prayers for Theresa, Cop in a Wash, Valley Hills Vision, Jet Ski Rescue, Heaven's Window 43 min
River Wild, Man in White, New Jersey Lake, Twister Survival, 1000 Men and a Baby 43 min
Body Surfer, The Rosenblatt Love Story, Dream Child, Soul Sister, Dog Rescues Cat 43 min
Miracle on Parkway, Woman in White, Heavenly Message, Doctor Brazil, Deserted Baby 43 min
Sioux City, Dade County Canal, Lady in Green, Affair of the Heart 44 min
Thanksgiving Angel, Blind Skydiver Sees, Thanksgiving Feeding Needy, African Hijack 43 min
Fireman Rescues Girl, Flight 811, Quarterback, The Other Boy, Acting Upon Fate 43 min
God's Voice, McKay's Pennies, Doctor Rises from Ghetto, Ryan's Angels 43 min
Electric Fence, Mother and Child Reunion, Dog Saves Master, Life on a Line 43 min
Scuba Encounter, Cat Finds Gas Leak, Native Son, Boy Scout to the Rescue 44 min
Colorado Plane Crash, St. John Neumann, Pig Saves Owner, Medical Bag, Golden Knights 43 min
Parachute Rescue, Hit and Run Angels, Football Player Lives, God Was My Co-Pilot, Left at Sea 43 min
Farmhand Angels, Kidney in Common, Wrong Number Marriage, Gospel Singer, Back to Life 44 min
Miracle on the Mountain, Walking Miracle, Lost and Found Hope, Left for Dead 43 min
Alive in the Morgue, Touched by a Shepherd, Donor Angel, Together by Accident 43 min
Struck by Lightning, Lord's Prayer, Bullet Proof Dog, Orchestrated Miracle 44 min
Long Lost Cousins, Tough Love, Mother's Cure, Cat's Meow 44 min

Season 2

It's a Miracle (Season 2) 43 min
Adopted Kidney, Teen Angel, Hay Baler, Freeway Delivery 43 min
Wild Ride, Stranger in the Night, Rebounding in Life, Heavenly Adoption 43 min
Popsicle the Drug Dog, Ministry Mentor, Protective Angel, Heart from a Friend 43 min
Living Proof, Dogwood, Mark's Mustang, Deputy's Daughter 43 min
Sadie, Older Brother, Second Chance, Asleep at the Wheel 43 min
Rescued by Fate, The Dead Letter File, Coma Recovery, Sweetie 43 min
Someone to Watch Over Me, Tooth Fairy, Torch Bearer, The Thank-You Note 43 min
Thanksgiving Blessing, Miracle in the Mailroom, The Power of Prayer, Thanksgiving Angel 43 min
Saved by a Dream, Orthodox Romance, Grady's Return, Angels among Us 43 min
The Christmas Box, Twister Survival, Brat the Cat, Lifeguard Down 43 min
Candles Light the Way, Best Christmas Present, Mom's Last Laugh, Navy Seals to the Rescue 43 min
A Life Revisited, Liver Heals, The Nicholas Effect, Aussie Storm Boy 43 min
Mom's Abduction, Sammy Saves Spot, Football Coach, Oregon Capsized 43 min
Television Reunion, Finding my Beshert, Internet Angels 43 min
Friends of the Ring, Dusty Brings Help, Double Jeopardy, Paper Towels 43 min
Wolf in Angels Clothing, Diva's Black Cat, Mission Miracle, One False Move 43 min
El Cajon Miracle Girl, Miraculous Recapture, Lost Ring, Baby Sister Rescued 43 min
Miracle Baby, Josiah's Journey, Dalton's Dilemma 43 min
A Bolt Out of the Blue, The Third Eye, Twice a Lifesaver, Pen Pals 43 min
Team Hoyt, Old Man and Sea, My Two Guardian Angels, El Nino 43 min
Tornado Angel, Wrong Number Miracle, Sign of the Rose 43 min
Shooting the Rapids, Baby New Year, Message from Ted 43 min
Hurricane Andre Miracle, Shark Attack, Double Angels; Gus 43 min
Snow Angels, The Girl Next Door, Twin Roses, Splash 43 min
The Swamp, Angels to the Rescue, River Rescue 43 min
The Magic Ring, A Mother's Prayer, Swap Meet, Love at First Sight 43 min
The Breath of Angels, Best Friends, Little Treasures 43 min
It’s a Miracle Finale 38 min

Season 3

It's a Miracle (Season 3) 38 min
Kidnapped, Class Reunion, Sam Burt 39 min
Winds Bring an Angel, Miracle on Flight 1815, Dog Overboard 39 min
A Vital Connection, Medallion Miracle, The Dream 38 min
A Soldier's Story, Prom Night Prognosis, Ryan's Hope, Taylor and Joshua 38 min
Angels in Place, Checks in the Mail, A Daughter's Gift, A Special Adoption 39 min
Lost in the Field, Blind Ambition, What's Loved is Never Lost 40 min