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Woodlawn - Extras


Season 1

Woodlawn: Trailer & Extras 2 min
The Original Concept 4 min
The True Story of Woodlawn 16 min
Sean Astin Commentary (Hank) 1 min
Mark Ellis Commentary (Football Coordinator) 2 min
Jon Voight Commentary (Bear Bryant) 2 min
Nic Bishop Commentary (Coach Gerelds) 2 min
Caleb Castille Commentary (Tony) 2 min
Sherri Shepherd Commentary (Mama Nathan) 2 min
Lance Nichols Commentary (Junior) 1 min
Production Diary: Day One 4 min
Production Diary: Explo 72 3 min
Production Diary: Legion Field 1 min
Production Diary: The Bear 1 min
Production Diary: The High School 1 min
Production Diary: Two Units Blurred 1 min
Production Diary: Visual FX 2 min
Production Diary: Cold Rain 3 min
Kevin Downes Commentary (Producer) 2 min
Deleted Scene: Did You Kiss Her? 1 min
Deleted Scene: It's Tradition 2 min
Deleted Scene: Audition at Running Back 1 min
Deleted Scene: Break Up the Revival 1 min
Deleted Scene: Matching Prom Date 1 min
Deleted Scene: New Idea 1 min
Deleted Scene: Secret Meeting 1 min
Deleted Scene: They will Know 2 min
Deleted Scene: You're off My Team 1 min
Deleted Scene: First Love of Basketball 1 min