• 12dogsofchristmas coverart 158x219 822545475600

    12 Dogs of Christmas

    1:47 | g

    Emma finds herself in a battle with her town's mayor over the no-dogs-allowed law, and she must gather allies i... MORE

  • Bigriverrescue pf coverart 158x219 820559427705

    Veggie Tales: Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry's...

    48 min

    How will Larry's new friend, Big Jim, strain his friendship with Tomato Sawyer? MORE

  • Turtlelaketreasure ca 158x219 821130307978

    Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure

    1:16 | g

    A summer playing pirates takes a surprise turn for Franklin with the appearance of his Aunt Lucy and her goddau... MORE

  • Bailey ca

    Adventures of Bailey

    1:29 | g

    A puppy can always find his way home...or can he? MORE

  • Lilrascals 1   copy
    Icomoon tv Series

    The Little Rascals Best of Our Gang

    8 min

    Darla is new to town, but finds out quickly that you always have to stay one step ahead of the boys. MORE

  • Littlejoe ca  364087

    Veggie Tales: The Ballad of Little Joe

    37 min

    How two brothers must lean on each other to overcome what they couldn't alone. MORE

  • Lyle ca  489807

    Veggie Tales: Lyle the Kindly Viking

    36 min

    When Danny's not sure if he should share, Bob has the right answer (it's yes!). MORE

  • Seeker & fetch ca

    Seeker & Fetch

    1:20 | g

    Ana Adell loves animals so much that she has turned her home into a lost and found for missing pets. MORE

  • Animatedstories 273x378 1420667919812 1420667920822 158x219 822639683886

    Animated Stories From The Old Testament - Creation To M...

    26 min | nr

    One boy discovers God's faithful love for His people when the boy is whisked into his computer screen to go on ... MORE

  • Celerynightfever pf coverart 158x219 820556867943

    Veggie Tales: Celery Night Fever

    52 min

    How can the gang save Celery Park? Find out as the veggies bunch together to rescue it. MORE

  • Noahsark pf coverart 158x219 820558915851

    Veggie Tales: Noah's Ark

    50 min

    Noah and his family along with a zoo full of animals take an adventure aboard an orange slice ark. MORE

  • Pippi 2ca 158x219 821130307781

    Pippi Longstocking in Sweden

    1:17 | g

    Pippi had lived all over the world and now faces her greatest challenge, living in a Swedish town! MORE

  • The stray ca

    The Stray

    1:24 | g

    When a cute little stray pup named Chewy wanders into summer school, the days are anything but boring. MORE

  • Tastensee ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Yancy: Little Praise Party Taste and See

    3 min

    Kids love superheroes! This song celebrates the greatest one ever, our super wonderful God. Kids will have fun ... MORE

  • Raggs ca1
    Icomoon tv Series


    28 min

    This is the perfect picture of learning with your favorite canines as they learn the ins and outs of color. MORE

  • Elf man ca



    An elf is sent to a special family to restore the Christmas spirit, but instead the family teaches him a thing ... MORE

  • Wubbzy ca 158x219 821161539612

    Wubbzy's Big Movie


    Based on the Emmy® Award-winning preschool series, this movie follows Wubbzy and his friends as they play, laug... MORE

  • Popstar ca  252163

    Veggie Tales: Princess and the Pop Star

    49 min

    When a princess and a banana decide the lettuce is greener on the other side, they decide to switch lives. MORE

  • Bugtime lottoswallow 273x378 1420668315688 1420668316669 158x219 822641219943
    Icomoon tv Series

    Bugtime Adventures

    23 min | nr

    How three bugs find themselves in the belly of a whale and what they must do to find freedom. MORE

  • 20140710 truth about dinosaurs 273x378 1420671377443 1420671378399 158x219 822649923900

    TRUTH about Dinosaurs

    50 min | nr

    It's possible you thought you knew the truth about dinosaurs. Maybe not. MORE

  • 10 cover

    The Ten Commandments

    45 min

    A wonderfully animated version of Moses: the Ten Commandments and the parting of the sea. MORE

  • Treasure state cover 1420660095987 1420660096830 158x219 822593603631

    Treasure State

    1:22 | nr

    A plane crash in the mountains of Montana will either keep a decades-long family feud alive or bring reconcilia... MORE

  • Lbfib pf coverart 158x219 822532163794

    Veggie Tales: Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space

    32 min

    When one little fib turns into a 30-foot monster, Junior must get control of it before it swallows the truth wh... MORE

  • Angeldog coverart 158x219 822545475593

    Angel Dog

    1:25 | pg

    When one man loses everything that matters, he finds inspiration to live again in the most unlikely of companions. MORE

  • Owlegories ca
    Icomoon tv Series


    15 min

    Owlegories is an animated series that follows a group of student owls as they travel on adventures learning abo... MORE

  • Seedsdirtfruit cover 158x219 822572099827

    Seeds, Dirt, Fruit

    1:25 | nr

    A parallel between faith and seeds, and how they both have to be cared for, put in the right kind of soil, wate... MORE

  • Musicinourhearts cover 1420665841726 1420665842606 158x219 822608963961

    Music In Our Hearts

    34 min | nr

    A fun and educational movie about music that aims to teach young children what music is and where it comes from. MORE

  • Golook&candymaker cover 1420665921036 1420665921962 158x219 822612547533

    Go Look in The Manger - Candy Maker's Christmas

    50 min | nr

    The stories of two young men who learn valuable lessons in love and humility as they discover the perfect Chris... MORE

  • Martingodlovesyou cover 1420665856964 1420665857945 158x219 822610499868

    Martin! God Loves You

    36 min | nr

    The story of Martin Luther and the Reformation, as told for children. MORE

  • Stc gift cover 158x219 822548547570
    Icomoon tv Series

    Storyteller Cafe

    30 min | nr

    A lesson from toys that come to life to teach us about Christ's gifts throughout the entire year. MORE

  • Howcancelebratehalloween cover 1420685445044 1420685445947 158x219 822613059610

    How Can I Celebrate Halloween?

    25 min | nr

    A young boy learns the Christian history of the All Saint’s day celebration and that, through God's love, we ha... MORE

  • Dooley coverart 1 158x219 822553667954
    Icomoon tv Series

    Dooley and Pals

    27 min

    Our favorite alien reminds his human friends of an important lesson in kindness when they're all faced with the... MORE

  • Jesusforkids cover 1420665879399 1420665880318 158x219 822611011768

    Jesus For Kids

    46 min | nr

    Don't miss the opportunity to introduce your kids to the most important stories that will imprint their young h... MORE

  • Howcancelebratepassover 273x378 1420666734220 1420666735548 158x219 822635075577

    How Can I Celebrate Passover?

    24 min | nr

    A young Christian boy is introduced to the Seder in the most delightful way. MORE

  • Motherteresa faceofjesus cover 1420665845176 1420665846239 158x219 822611523838

    Mother Teresa: Seeing The Face Of Jesus

    36 min | nr

    A remarkable woman who said that she saw the face of Jesus in the face of each sick and dying person she helped. MORE

  • Jesushelivedamongus 273x378 1420666699325 1420666700895 158x219 822635075541

    Jesus: He Lived Among Us

    1:27 | nr

    See the life and ministry of Jesus Christ like never before, told from the perspective of the apostle, John. MORE