• Racing cover 158x219 822550083894

    Racing to the End of Time

    58 min | nr

    A docudrama exploring how Christians should respond to society's rapidly changing cultural climate. MORE

  • Waltbeforemickey ca

    Walt Before Mickey


    This is the life of the man behind the mouse who started from nothing and gave the world their wishes. MORE

  • Starboardlight ca

    Starboard Light

    57 min

    Sometimes the greatest adventure is the journey home—no matter where that may be. MORE

  • Finalwarning cover 158x219 822550083913

    Final Warning

    52 min | nr

    In this exciting and eye opening docudrama, Grant Jeffrey will take you into the shadowy world of surveillance,... MORE

  • Lastdays cover 158x219 822550083900

    Last Days: Hype or Hope?

    59 min | nr

    Skeptical investigative reporter Steve Stone sets out to find the truth about the Armageddon in this documentary. MORE

  • Time cover 158x219 822545475657
    Icomoon tv Series


    57 min

    When a clockmaker is the only suspect in a murder investigation, he must figure out what to do or face the cons... MORE

  • Johnwesley cover 1420660202712 1420660203520 158x219 822595139599

    John Wesley Biography

    1:13 | nr

    The full and vibrant life of John Wesley, one of the most influential Christian ministers in his time. MORE

  • Thenighttheysavedchristmas coverart 158x219 820558915826

    The Night They Saved Christmas


    Santa Claus and his toy factory are in trouble, and one family decides to save Christmas. MORE

  • Winslow bear cover 1420666633633 1420666634789 158x219 822632515742

    Winslow the Christmas Bear

    45 min | g

    One bear didn't want to hibernate. So he went out and asked his animal friends about the true meaning of Christ... MORE

  • Jackierobinson ca

    The Jackie Robinson Story


    Jackie Robinson stars as himself in this inspirational movie which chronicles his life. Beautifully restored a... MORE

  • Midnightclear ca

    Midnight Clear

    1:42 | pg-13

    Five people going through a hard time cross paths on Christmas Eve in the most unexpected way. MORE

  • Nikolai cover 158x219 822585411949


    34 min | nr

    A gripping film that will cause every believer to take a new and deeper look at the meaning of Christian commit... MORE

  • Deceived cover 158x219 822557251615


    1:39 | nr

    When a signal from outer space turns out to be everyone’s worst nightmare, there’s only so much time before the... MORE

  • Saintssoldiers ca

    Saints and Soldiers

    1:30 | pg-13

    Two allied soldiers must brave the German winter to make it back to safety before it's too late. MORE

  • Freedom of silence 273x378 1420671419263 1420671420116 158x219 822651971648

    The Freedom of Silence


    What happens in a future where Christianity is outlawed? Follow the ultimate quest for religious freedom. MORE

  • Borrowedcristmas cover 1420660396036 1420660396973 158x219 822596163860

    The Borrowed Christmas

    1:35 | nr

    A man who has everything he wants has a most unusual Christmas wish. MORE

  • Train quest ca

    Train Quest


    When two teens throw the switch on a model train set, something mysterious happens. MORE

  • Sybil ludington cover 1420660302189 1420660303044 158x219 822596675849

    Sybil Luddington: The Female Paul Revere

    1:26 | nr

    The "female Paul Revere" will inspire the youth of today to go after everything before them with determination ... MORE

  • Grace cover

    Journey To Grace

    2:07 | nr

    How do you start over once you've been betrayed a nation's trust? MORE

  • Whitelion coverart 158x219 822540867998

    White Lion

    1:33 | pg

    An older lion befriends a rare, young white lion and teaches him how to survive in this compelling story of str... MORE

  • New hope hd 1420669144154 1420669145199 158x219 822646339831

    New Hope

    2:04 | nr

    A touching drama showing the story of a student who learns how to forgive, even when he's feeling most displaced. MORE

  • Time collectors 273x378 1420671381169 1420671381975 158x219 822649923901

    Time Collectors

    1:47 | nr

    How a single fossil causes controversy and danger and sends one man on a journey that will change his life. MORE

  • Letgod cover 158x219 822552131529

    Let God

    1:31 | nr

    One couple leaves to find gold on the other side of America and face obstacles with every turn. MORE

  • Summer cover3 158x219 822550083633

    The Perfect Summer

    1:20 | nr

    When summer seems anything but perfect, one chance encounter could make it everything Jake dreamed of. MORE

  • Indescribable ca 158x219 822647363916


    1:34 | nr

    The story of a pastor who turned to songwriting in times of trouble. MORE

  • Savingwinston cover

    Saving Winston

    1:26 | nr

    How one teen finds redemption in the most unlikely of places, and how she must stand strong when temptation kno... MORE

  • River cover 158x219 822558275618

    The River Within

    1:36 | nr

    Do you have an answer to "What Am I Doing Here?" One young man struggles with his in an effort to help someone ... MORE

  • Paper cover

    Paper Angels


    Two unlikely friends have a big impact on their families during Christmas through The Salvation Army's Angel Tr... MORE

  • New cover 1420660359704 1420660360568 158x219 822595651918


    1:38 | nr

    Full of dancing, art, music, drama, and comedy, and meant to encourage kids and families to go after their God-... MORE

  • Whereredferngrowsll ca

    Where the Red Fern Grows II

    1:32 | g

    The sequel to “Where the Red Fern Grows” continues the story when Billy Coleman returns from World War II. MORE

  • Holidayinyourheart coverart 158x219 822544451881

    Holiday In Your Heart


    When a young country singer has to choose between her career and her family, a mentor helps her make the right ... MORE

  • Alliwant cover 158x219 822545987745

    All I Want for Christmas

    1:26 | nr

    When a mom sets out to grant her son's ultimate Christmas wish, she doesn't realize that he's already picked ou... MORE

  • Achristmastreemiracle cover 1420660111134 1420660111984 158x219 822593091787

    Christmas Tree Miracle

    1:42 | nr

    A warm-hearted tale reminding us that the best gifts are the simple ones we share all year long. MORE

  • Vanish cover 158x219 822552643550


    54 min | nr

    As the prophetic events unfold, Pastor Hagee is right there to explain exactly what the word of God teaches abo... MORE

  • Threedays cover 158x219 822569027714

    Three Days

    28 min | nr

    What may have happened during the three most important days in history? MORE

  • Almosthome ca

    Almost Home


    Valerie must enlist the help of friends, neighbors, and even the local police to find her father and her daught... MORE