• Coreta scott king cover 1420665175816 1420665177431 158x219 822608451647

    Coretta Scott King

    24 min | nr

    The wife of a slain civil rights activist, hear the story of a woman who carried a legacy with strong arms for ... MORE

  • Famous aa ca 158x219 822609475660

    Famous African Americans

    23 min | nr

    The African Americans who spoke out for the causes they believed in and how their contributions can be felt thr... MORE

  • Daf ep1 1420670884136 1420670885204 158x219 822646339954
    Icomoon tv Series

    Discovering America's Founders

    27 min | nr

    Learn how the Adams family were an undeniable force that shaped our country as we know it today. MORE

  • Famous inventors cover 1420665125222 1420665126041 158x219 822610499547

    Famous Inventors and Inventions

    27 min | nr

    By examining the most influential inventors from the past, it's clear to see the bright future for entrepreneur... MORE

  • Great woman rulers cover 1420665502268 1420665503098 158x219 822610499656

    Great Women Rulers in World History

    48 min | nr

    Share the triumphs and tragedies of women who led nations, fought in battle, and made life and death decisions ... MORE

  • Achristmasvisitor coverart 158x219 822546499569

    A Christmas Visitor


    Can a family reclaim the joy of Christmas after tragedy befalls them or do they need some help from a stranger? MORE

  • The u.s. army 1775 1899 cover 158x219 822579779821
    Icomoon tv Series

    The United States Military: A History of Heroes

    1:00 | pg

    Witness how our soldiers stood together to fight for our very freedom. A celebration of the U.S. Army from 1175... MORE

  • Sybil ludington cover 1420660302189 1420660303044 158x219 822596675849

    Sybil Luddington: The Female Paul Revere

    1:26 | nr

    The "female Paul Revere" will inspire the youth of today to go after everything before them with determination ... MORE

  • Abraham lincoln cover 1420665223006 1420665223825 158x219 822608963724

    Abraham Lincoln

    27 min | nr

    From humble beginnings to an extraordinary leader to a hero of the Civil War. This is Abraham Lincoln. MORE

  • Thelightoffreedom ca

    Light of Freedom

    2:03 | nr

    You will be moved by the stories of runaway slaves longing to be reunited with their families and those risking... MORE

  • Foof ca 158x219 822527555856

    Faith of Our Fathers

    1:35 | pg-13

    Two fathers leave a legacy for their children, proving the devastation of war cannot break the love of a father... MORE

  • Famous hispanic americans cover 1420665128414 1420665129280 158x219 822608963640

    Famous Hispanic Americans

    26 min | nr

    The Hispanic culture is thriving in our country through music, art, fashion, sports, science, medicine, and gov... MORE

  • Greatnative chiefs cover 1420665075174 1420665076156 158x219 822605892001

    Great Native American Warrior Chiefs

    24 min | nr

    A close look at the stories of Native Americans that will inevitably be told for generations. MORE

  • Famous explorers cover 1420665131702 1420665132757 158x219 822609475641

    Famous Explorers

    25 min | nr

    Join us as we take a look at the men and women whom, through magnificent journeys, have shaped the world. MORE

  • All for liberty 273x378 1420671295487 1420671296971 158x219 822649411818

    All for Liberty

    1:22 | nr

    After many years of struggling with corrupt British rulers, a colonist decides to risk everything and discovers... MORE

  • Saintssoldiers ca

    Saints and Soldiers

    1:30 | pg-13

    Two allied soldiers must brave the German winter to make it back to safety before it's too late. MORE

  • Franklin delano roosevelt cover 1420665118386 1420665119167 158x219 822609475585

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    27 min | nr

    The 32nd President of the United States left a profound mark on the 20th century and its people. MORE

  • Egypt cover 1420665505387 1420665506053 158x219 822607939995

    Egypt (2010)

    24 min | nr

    The home of awe-inspiring monuments and treasures comes to life in this comprehensive journey through one of th... MORE

  • Gandi cover 1420665084794 1420665085441 158x219 822611011524


    26 min | nr

    Explore Mohandas K. Gandhi’s peaceful fight for equality and freedom. MORE

  • Why history matters cover 1420671851935 1420671852925 158x219 822655555585
    Icomoon tv Series

    The American Heritage Series

    28 min | nr

    Discover the truth of our nation's Godly foundation through the American Heritage series. MORE

  • George washington 2 cover 1420665081906 1420665082666 158x219 822606403970

    George Washington (Discovering History)

    27 min | nr

    Remembering the life and military fears of the first President of the United States. MORE

  • Oga ca

    One Generation Away


    One Generation Away is a fast-paced film that travels the United States in search of a deeper understanding of ... MORE

  • The pledge 273x378 1420671401834 1420671402965 158x219 822651459611

    The Pledge

    1:53 | nr

    A teenager learns the true meaning of sacrifice after his bad behavior lands him face to face with true heroes ... MORE

  • Fire on the mountain cover 1420672397811 1420672398831 158x219 822658627707

    Fire on the Mountain

    1:12 | pg

    The goal was clear: defeat the Nazis who were entrenched high in the snowy mountains of Italy. MORE

  • Firestorm cover 1420672393355 1420672394241 158x219 822658627705


    1:33 | pg

    All's fair in love in war so they say; but when innocent civilians are involved, is that still the case? MORE

  • Lifted ca


    1:48 | pg-13

    A singing competition could be just the thing to lift a boy's spirits as school and family life try to drag the... MORE

  • Divorcing god 273x378 1420670866449 1420670867599 158x219 822648387601

    Divorcing God

    30 min | nr

    A revealing look at what the Founding Fathers believed about morality and religious faith as the pillars of our... MORE

  • Newtonsgrace ca

    Newton's Grace


    Newton's Grace is the true story of a real "Prodigal Son," the story of miraculous forgiveness and change that ... MORE

  • The cure ca


    10 min

    The world is dying of an unknown virus that is spreading fast, but one child could hold the cure for mankind. MORE

  • Afrchrrising3 ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    African Christianity Rising


    A walk in the shoes of believers in Ghana and a peek into the minds of African Christianity thought leaders. MORE

  • Battle of the bulge cover 1420671918428 1420671919840 158x219 822654531897
    Icomoon tv Series

    WWII Road to Victory

    55 min | nr

    The very last move of WWII. This is the Battle of the Bulge. MORE

  • Foroneenglishofficer cover 1420661169031 1420661169753 158x219 822603843940

    For One English Officer

    48 min | nr

    If not for a football injury to Andy Hodges, 149 Allied soldiers and airmen would have languished in German pri... MORE

  • 8th air force commanders cover 158x219 822657091527
    Icomoon tv Series

    WWII Top Command

    51 min | nr

    Meet some of our greatest commanders who led the challenging fight in the air. MORE

  • Rememberingpearlharbor 273x378 1420668988902 1420668989874 158x219 822645827870

    Remembering Pearl Harbor

    1:10 | nr

    The unbelievable stories of the heroes who witnessed and survived the bombings at Pearl Harbor. MORE

  • Dtha 1 158x219 822542403965
    Icomoon tv Series

    Drive Thru History: America

    28 min

    How one Italian explorer found his way across the Atlantic against all odds to discover a great nation we know ... MORE