• Greatmrhandel cover 1420660700770 1420660701485 158x219 822602819527

    Great Mr. Handel

    1:38 | nr

    The story and struggles of George Frideric Handel, composer of one of the finest oratories in the English Langu... MORE

  • Lutherlifepath cover 1420660155288 1420660156166 158x219 822593091925

    Luther: His Life, His Path, His Legacy

    1:30 | nr

    Chronicling the life of great Reformer, Martin Luther, this work explores the history of a man whose impact con... MORE

  • Bible on trial ca1 158x219 822520899618
    Icomoon tv Series

    Bible On Trial

    17 min

    The arguments against the Bible: who's making them, why they're ungrounded and how we can prove them wrong. MORE

  • Godsoutlaw 273x378 1420666799173 1420666800395 158x219 822634051779

    God's Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale

    1:39 | nr

    The story of William Tyndale, the father of the English Bible, who triumphed over political and religious forces. MORE

  • Hildegard cover 1432571778518 1432571779281 158x219 822601795938


    46 min | nr

    The story of the events leading up to the trial of Hildegard of Bingen, one of the most remarkable women of the... MORE

  • Onelastseason cover 158x219 822584899715

    One Last Season

    29 min | nr

    A rugby player and his wife must learn to compromise and trust in God after a disease prevents him from ever pl... MORE

  • Mama shekinah ca

    Mama Shekinah


    Even the most selfless efforts can be met with resistance, danger, and the unexpected. MORE

  • Romero cover 158x219 822572099886


    1:47 | pg-13

    The story of one El Salvadoran priest who risked his life for justice in his country. MORE

  • Gospel 158x219 821150275623

    The Gospel According to St. Matthew


    Pier Paolo Pasolini's masterpiece comes to life in color for the first time in this beautifully told film about... MORE

  • Kjbchangeworld ca

    KJB: The Book that Changed the World


    How one Book changed the world and redefined how we thought about...everything. MORE

  • Robberofcruelstreets cover 158x219 822573123551

    Robber Of The Cruel Streets: George Muller

    59 min | nr

    The story of former German playboy who served Christ through rescuing children off the streets in 1800s England. MORE

  • Billygrahamprophet cover 158x219 822546499802

    Billy Graham: A Prophet With Honor

    50 min | nr

    Meet Billy Graham as he talks about the unprecedented opportunities he was given to spread the gospel. MORE

  • Chheroeschrhist1 273x378 1420668137456 1420668138949 158x219 822638659964
    Icomoon tv Series

    Children's Heroes From Christian History

    35 min | nr

    Heroes, John Bunyan, David Livingstone, Mary Jones and William Wilberforce are illustrated in detail so that ch... MORE

  • Cottolengo 273x378 1420667673307 1420667674054 158x219 822640707534


    1:16 | nr

    One man's health and schooling made him an unlikely candidate to become the one who would bring relief and heal... MORE

  • Albert ca

    Albert Schweitzer

    51 min | nr

    The remarkable story of one man's dream to carve a hospital out of the rugged African jungle, as told through t... MORE

  • Ourpeople booths cover 158x219 822586435702

    Our People: Story Of William & Catherine Booth

    1:14 | nr

    This is the story of how one couple took God's love to the poor. This is the history of the founders of the Sal... MORE

  • Openingdoortoluther cover 158x219 822583875818

    Opening The Door To Luther

    31 min | nr

    Learn about the tumultuous events of the Reformation and the monk at the center of it all. MORE

  • Portraitofsusanna cover 158x219 822574147685

    Portrait Of Susanna Wesley

    41 min | nr

    A brilliant, must-watch, one-woman stage play about Susanna Wesley, the mother of Charles and John Wesley. MORE

  • Patrick 273x378 1420668494154 1420668494965 158x219 822642243726


    45 min | nr

    Discover the true story behind the legend of Saint Patrick, the man who brought Christianity to pagan Ireland. MORE

  • Frankjennerquestion 273x378 1420666846523 1420666848197 158x219 822634051817

    Frank Jenner Question

    44 min | nr

    Frank Jenner was a simple man with a profound question: If you died within 24 hours, would your soul go to Heav... MORE

  • Henrinouwen crosscurrents cover 1420660674044 1420660674742 158x219 822601795941

    Henri Nouwen: Cross Currents Interviews

    49 min | nr

    Brian C. Stiller explores the heart of Henri Nouwen’s passionate message of faith through a series of interviews. MORE

  • Kraze ca1 158x219 822505539999
    Icomoon tv Series


    25 min

    Kraze is a talk-show that discuss real issues teens and young adult face on a daily basis.  We discuss issues s... MORE

  • Journeyofheart nouwen cover 1420666241534 1420666242661 158x219 822620227919

    Journey Of The Heart: Henri Nouwen

    56 min | nr

    This documentary features an inspiring conversation with Nouwen a year before his death and interviews with peo... MORE

  • Hudson taylor cover 1420666321560 1420666322716 158x219 822626883506

    Hudson Taylor


    This is an inspiring look at the early years of the great missionary, Hudson Taylor. MORE

  • Lifeofkatieluther cover 158x219 822585923645

    Morning Star Of Wittenberg: Life Of Katie Luther

    26 min | nr

    An intimate look at a former nun, 16th Century entrepreneur, and wife of Martin Luther. MORE

  • Peopleoffaith cover 158x219 822574659731

    People Of Faith

    2:48 | nr

    Gain valuable perspective on the ideas that shaped America; see how it became the first nation in history based... MORE

  • Candleindark 273x378 1420667272288 1420667277487 158x219 822637635714

    Candle In The Dark

    1:34 | nr

    One missionary took his family to India and proved how a life dedicated to God can make a profound difference a... MORE

  • Janamoscomenius cover 158x219 821071939878

    Jan Amos Comenius


    Driven from his homeland because of his faith, this 17th century Christian hero is a testimony of the persisten... MORE

  • Lamama cover 1420666225020 1420666225947 158x219 822621251803

    La Mama

    26 min | nr

    A powerful documentary profiling the life of an American nun who chose to live among the prisoners in La Mesa P... MORE

  • Footstepsofluther cover 1420660587459 1420660588217 158x219 822599235854

    In The Footsteps Of Martin Luther

    28 min | nr

    Trace the life and times of Martin Luther through Germany, from Wittenberg all the way to Augsburg. MORE

  • Mama heidi cover 1420666188495 1420666189730 158x219 822621251595

    Mama Heidi

    52 min | nr

    The missionaries who provide three residential orphanages and schools, caring for 700 children. This is their s... MORE

  • Sister aimee cover 158x219 822572099806

    Richard Rossi 5th Anniversary of "Sister Aimee" 

    1:49 | pg

    An investigation into the true events of Sister Aimee McPherson's mysterious disappearance. MORE

  • Lutherlegacy ca1 158x219 822519363602
    Icomoon tv Series

    Luther Legacy

    14 min

    What makes men and women great? Living as your truest self and never straying from what you believe. This is th... MORE

  • Birthoffranciscanfb ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Birth of the Franciscans

    31 min

    The first discipline of Saint Francis who vowed to live in poverty and dedicated his life to the gospel. MORE

  • Billygraham ca   copy (32) 158x219 822512707830
    Icomoon tv Series

    My Hope America with Billy Graham

    11 min

    How one man with the ultimate passion for God dedicated his life to spreading His word across the world. MORE

  • Commonground 273x378 1420667680976 1420667682192 158x219 822635587997

    Common Ground: Billy Graham

    57 min | nr

    African villages. NYC. World leaders. Australian Bushmen. It doesn't matter who or where you are, when you hear... MORE