• Sheen hisirishwit cover 1420660665014 1420660665833 158x219 822600259944

    His Irish Wit And Wisdom: Fulton J Sheen

    1:22 | nr

    God has a sense of humor—at least, he does in Bishop Sheen’s mind. MORE

  • Opusdei cover 158x219 822584899690

    Opus Dei: Decoding God's Work

    49 min | nr

    This documentary examines the true history behind Opus Dei, the inspiration for Dan Brown's novel "The Da Vinci... MORE

  • Manallseasons spring cover 1420660134715 1420660135389 158x219 822593603789
    Icomoon tv Series

    Man For All Seasons

    1:15 | nr

    Bishop Sheen shares dramatic readings with an audience of believers. MORE

  • Sheenangels 273x378 1420667924402 1420667925442 158x219 822639683887

    Angels: Fulton J. Sheen

    26 min | nr

    Bishop Fulton J. Sheen has enjoyed a special prayer relationship with God's spiritual beings throughout his lif... MORE

  • Cottolengo 273x378 1420667673307 1420667674054 158x219 822640707534


    1:16 | nr

    One man's health and schooling made him an unlikely candidate to become the one who would bring relief and heal... MORE

  • Sheen hislastwords cover 1420660661713 1420660662693 158x219 822598723684

    His Last Words: Fulton J Sheen

    49 min | nr

    Newly-discovered footage of the late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen delivering a powerful sermon, seen here for the fir... MORE

  • Sheengems cover 158x219 822571587710

    Sheen Gems: The Best Of Fulton J Sheen

    1:48 | nr

    A collection of the best-of from Bishop Sheen, whose words of wit and wisdom transcend the years. MORE

  • Bishoptimeless ca3
    Icomoon tv Series

    Bishop Fulton Sheen: Timeless Wisdom For Those Coping W...

    27 min

    The importance of reaching out to not only loved ones, but to God when an alcoholic hits "rock bottom." MORE

  • Hildegard cover 1432571778518 1432571779281 158x219 822601795938


    46 min | nr

    The story of the events leading up to the trial of Hildegard of Bingen, one of the most remarkable women of the... MORE

  • Sheen goodfriday cover 1420660754714 1420660755400 158x219 822602307596

    Fulton J. Sheen: Good Friday Special

    57 min | nr

    In this superb and timeless message, Bishop Sheen's words ring with answers for today's realities and changing ... MORE

  • Unlike cover 158x219 822544451558

    Unlikely Angel

    1:32 | nr

    Can a self-centered lounge singer find redemption as an angel? MORE

  • Pioneers blake cover 158x219 822574147985
    Icomoon tv Series

    Pioneers Of The Spirit

    23 min | nr

    One man's ability to tap the depths of Biblical imagery remains a gift to the ages including the materialistic ... MORE

  • Loveisfaith vol1 cover 1420660164013 1420660165109 158x219 822593603923
    Icomoon tv Series

    Faith, Hope & Love With Fulton Sheen

    53 min | nr

    How we must resist temptation and how we can truly live a life of obedience in the eyes of the Lord. MORE

  • Bestoflittlechildren 273x378 1420667874786 1420667875873 158x219 822641219785

    Best Of Little Children

    29 min | nr

    When a famous actress sets out to minister to children, the result is a song-filled journey that brings them cl... MORE

  • Journeyofheart nouwen cover 1420666241534 1420666242661 158x219 822620227919

    Journey Of The Heart: Henri Nouwen

    56 min | nr

    This documentary features an inspiring conversation with Nouwen a year before his death and interviews with peo... MORE

  • Adventcal2 273x378 1420667386558 1420667388144 158x219 822638659537

    Advent Calendar #2: Christmas Carols Edition

    1:15 | nr

    Your spirit will sing with the inspiration and fun of the most treasured songs and carols of Christmas. MORE

  • Deacon cover 1420661216405 1420661217402 158x219 822607427816

    Deacon: Who Is He?

    28 min | nr

    See a Deacons’ ordination and accompany them to hospitals, prisons, missions, and homes as they minister to the... MORE

  • Lamama cover 1420666225020 1420666225947 158x219 822621251803

    La Mama

    26 min | nr

    A powerful documentary profiling the life of an American nun who chose to live among the prisoners in La Mesa P... MORE

  • Monasteries cover 1420666130395 1420666131272 158x219 822619203827


    48 min | nr

    The stress of the typical day can be relentless. This documentary follows one man as he travels to seven Christ... MORE

  • Spirinparent1 cover 158x219 821073475703
    Icomoon tv Series

    Spirituality in Parenting

    33 min

    In Part 1 - Love, host Fr. Doug Lorig explores the relationship between parent and child. Children need safe, ... MORE

  • Commonground 273x378 2 1420667676894 1420667677903 158x219 822638659754

    Common Ground: Steve Andrews

    1:48 | nr

    Representatives of the Protestant and Catholic faiths sit down together in a respectful dialogue about the diff... MORE

  • Guglielmomassaja cover 1420660694590 1420660695444 158x219 822600259988

    Guglielmo Massaja: An Illustrious Man of Note

    47 min | nr

    Take a journey into the life and mission of Guglielmo Massaia, a remarkable 19th-century Catholic missionary, C... MORE

  • Fatherplacidocortese cover 1420661183911 1420661184776 158x219 822607427766

    Father Placido Cortese: The Courage Of Silence

    1:04 | nr

    On October 8, 1944, an Italian priest exits the Basilica of St. Antonio and gets into a waiting car, never to b... MORE

  • Polycarp&perpetua cover 158x219 822573123857

    Polycarp And Perpetua

    25 min | nr

    The stories of two martyrs of the early church who would rather pay with their lives than deny their faith. MORE

  • Motherteresa faceofjesus cover 1420665845176 1420665846239 158x219 822611523838

    Mother Teresa: Seeing The Face Of Jesus

    36 min | nr

    A remarkable woman who said that she saw the face of Jesus in the face of each sick and dying person she helped. MORE

  • Lastappeal cover 1420666220323 1420666221521 158x219 822618691848

    Last Appeal: The Life of Faustina

    35 min | nr

    The story of a peasant girl chosen to bring the message of mercy to mankind. This is the life of Faustina. MORE

  • Mama heidi cover 1420666188495 1420666189730 158x219 822621251595

    Mama Heidi

    52 min | nr

    The missionaries who provide three residential orphanages and schools, caring for 700 children. This is their s... MORE

  • Cathheroes augustine 273x378 1420667283590 1420667285509 158x219 822636099660
    Icomoon tv Series

    Catholic Heroes of Faith

    35 min | nr

    A story of a saint caught between two worlds and the difficult choice he must make. MORE

  • Augustinevoice cover 1420661246386 1420661247449 158x219 820559427694

    Augustine: A Voice For All Generations

    57 min | nr

    This documentary explores the conversion story of one of the most significant figures in church history. MORE