• Easterpromise cover 158x219 822547523990

    Easter Promise

    46 min | nr

    A lesson about forgiveness, a young man learns to trust in Jesus and witnesses the fulfillment of the greatest ... MORE

  • Lifewithjesus ca 158x219 822532675567

    Life With Jesus

    29 min

    Follow Jesus across the desert sands of Egypt as He teaches children of all ages the values of Christianity. MORE

  • Jesus tomb cover 1420665560034 1420665560914 158x219 822611523551

    Tomb of Jesus

    1:10 | nr

    What happens when two different tombs could be the tomb of Jesus? Find out and decide for yourself. MORE

  • Easter ca

    Pieces of Easter


    Two worlds collide on this three-day road trip adventure based on the biblical story of the Prodigal Son. MORE

  • Beholdthemandvd 273x378 1420667879175 1420667880334 158x219 822640195701

    Behold The Man

    43 min | nr

    Three scholars help prove that the extraordinary claims made by and about Jesus warrant serious consideration t... MORE

  • Sheen goodfriday cover 1420660754714 1420660755400 158x219 822602307596

    Fulton J. Sheen: Good Friday Special

    57 min | nr

    In this superb and timeless message, Bishop Sheen's words ring with answers for today's realities and changing ... MORE

  • Littleangeleaster ca

    The Littlest Angel: Easter

    25 min

    The Littlest Angel is working on his first assignment and is having just as much trouble as the human he has be... MORE

  • Onewhowasthere cover 158x219 822585923594

    One Who Was There

    36 min | nr

    Mary Magdalene's lingering faith is restored as she journeys from Jerusalem to Galilee in 64 AD. MORE

  • Threedays cover 158x219 822569027714

    Three Days

    28 min | nr

    What may have happened during the three most important days in history? MORE

  • Threedays cover 158x219 821070915770

    Three Days That Changed The World

    26 min

    Though he went to church as a child, Rob, a busy designer, has gotten away from his spiritual roots. For him E... MORE

  • Resurrection 273x378 1420671648969 1420671649859 158x219 822654019567


    48 min | nr

    The story of one man's quest for truth and the discovery that leads to his renewal. MORE

  • Visittosepulcher cover 158x219 821071427831

    Visit to the Sepulcher

    28 min

    Featuring a talented cast of soloists and the choirmen of the Washington Cathedral, with costumes and props dra... MORE

  • Stationsofjoy cover 158x219 821070403865

    Stations of Joy

    47 min

    The twelve apparitions incorporated within the fourteen Stations of Joy explain the ultimate purpose of Jesus' ... MORE

  • Gfa eastercoll1 cover 158x219 822527555987
    Icomoon tv Series

    Gospel Films Archive Series: Easter

    28 min

    The victory of the resurrection of Jesus and the men who were witness to the prophecies of Isaiah. MORE

  • Jesusdesireofages 273x378 1420666693212 1420666694415 158x219 822631491848

    Jesus: The Desire of Ages

    1:01 | nr

    The story of Calvary, and the impact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ had on those directly influenced by his mi... MORE

  • Resurrectedlife1 cover 158x219 821073475860
    Icomoon tv Series

    Resurrected Life

    14 min

    Filled with artistic images of the Holy Land, soul-stirring music, and the wisdom of prominent spiritual teache... MORE

  • Lastsupperdvd cover 1420660175226 1420660175879 158x219 822590531992

    Last Supper

    58 min | nr

    Filmed entirely on authentic locations of the Holy Land and the Middle East, this is the most elaborate film ev... MORE

  • I believe in easter ca

    I Believe In Easter

    50 min | nr

    Discover the origins of Easter in this thoroughly researched and emotionally charged docudrama. MORE

  • Journeyingwithjesus new cover 1420660188697 1420660189488 158x219 822597187562

    Journeying With Jesus

    56 min | nr

    This film is an inspiration and education for all ages, enabling us to "walk with Jesus" in the company of His ... MORE

  • The first easter ca

    First Easter

    24 min | nr

    This spectacular 3D animated DVD tells the story of Christ’s sacrificial gift to mankind through the eyes of a ... MORE

  • Cover 158x219 822566979838

    Third Day

    55 min | nr

    Is there any evidence that the Resurrection really happened? Scholars take a hard look and offer honest, though... MORE

  • Jesusnewway cover 1420666260422 1420666261734 158x219 822617667974

    Jesus The New Way

    2:48 | nr

    Discover, through this powerful presentation of profound truth, who Jesus is and the meaning behind His actions... MORE

  • Onceslaves cover 158x219 822547523947

    Once We Were Slaves

    26 min | nr

    A criminal and a peacemaker await their fates in a Jerusalem prison. They each reveal a past with a mysterious ... MORE

  • Resurrection trial 273x378  681764 1420667106752 1420667108052 158x219 822635587728

    Resurrection Trial

    54 min

    In this modern interpretation of the biblical story, government officials attempt to disprove what we know to b... MORE

  • Jesushelivedamongus 273x378 1420666699325 1420666700895 158x219 822635075541

    Jesus: He Lived Among Us

    1:27 | nr

    See the life and ministry of Jesus Christ like never before, told from the perspective of the apostle, John. MORE

  • Caseforchristsresurrection cover 1420660877795 1420660878597 158x219 822603331873

    The Case for Christ's Resurrection

    58 min | nr

    An exhaustive investigation of the ancient Shroud of Turin in microscopic detail never before possible. MORE

  • Weekthatchanged cover 158x219 821071427826

    Week That Changed The World

    33 min

    The resurrection happened. It's not just the belief of Christians, it's borne out by history, archaeology, and ... MORE

  • Ashestoglory 273x378 1420667355226 1420667356976 158x219 822637635815

    Ashes to Glory: An Easter Devotional

    2:03 | nr

    Whether the observance of Lent is a yearly custom or a first-time experience, deepen your faith with the music ... MORE

  • Ibeheldhisglory cover 1420660602107 1420660602872 158x219 822599747937

    I Beheld His Glory

    52 min | nr

    A Roman centurion tells the story of Christ’s last days on earth from his unique perspective. MORE