• Apocalypse cover 158x219 822557251618

    Apocalypse (1997)

    1:34 | pg

    In a series of astounding media events, one news reporter realizes that a prophecy has been fulfilled. MORE

  • Leftbehind2 cover 158x219 822558275666

    Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

    1:35 | pg-13

    In a moment, the world has forever changed and a journalist must expose the truth about a new leader and the pr... MORE

  • Lazarus phenomenon cover 1420665568401 1420665569426 158x219 822611011709

    The Lazarus Phenomenon

    1:41 | nr

    How two real near-death experiences can teach us all about The Lazarus Phenomenon. MORE

  • Rumors cover 158x219 822551619586

    Rumors of Wars

    1:28 | pg-13

    In a post-apocalyptic world, an officer discovers a clue from the past that may unlock the mysteries of the end... MORE

  • My refuge 273x378 1420669153296 1420669154240 158x219 822646339836

    My Refuge

    1:19 | nr

    This gripping end-times drama follows a group of people in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. MORE

  • Leftbehind cover 158x219 822558275675

    Left Behind: The Movie

    1:39 | pg-13

    As chaos and anarchy engulf the world, two men set out on vastly different paths in a desperate search for answ... MORE

  • Drkness ca

    Battling Darkness

    45 min | pg

    Hollywood actors, modern-day exorcists, Christian teachers and psychologists discuss the mysteries of the demon... MORE

  • New world order 273x378 1420669139817 1420669140823 158x219 822645315670

    New World Order

    1:25 | nr

    It's been three years since the apocalypse happened, and Demi and Christen are living in the New World Order. MORE

  • Apociv cover 158x219 822555203870

    Apocalypse IV: Judgment

    1:41 | pg-13

    A lawyer and a "Christian terrorist" face off. But can God win in a courtroom owned and ruled by the Antichrist? MORE

  • Freedom of silence 273x378 1420671419263 1420671420116 158x219 822651971648

    The Freedom of Silence


    What happens in a future where Christianity is outlawed? Follow the ultimate quest for religious freedom. MORE

  • Apocii cover 158x219 822557251599

    Apocalypse II: Revelation

    1:38 | pg-13

    Three months after a biblical prophesy was fulfilled, a terrifying conspiracy is discovered. MORE

  • Apociii cover 158x219 822557251552

    Apocalypse III: Tribulation

    1:39 | pg-13

    One detective faces the challenges of a world ruled by a self-proclaimed messiah as he continues the search for... MORE

  • Early warning cover  593115 1420672439418 1420672440349 158x219 822658627727

    Early Warning

    1:25 | nr

    This evangelistic, classic end times film presents the truth about Jesus Christ and has interesting insight int... MORE

  • Endtimes cover 1420660872121 1420660872826 158x219 822603331862

    End Times: How Close Are We?

    58 min | nr

    When it was written, nearly 30 percent of the Bible’s content was prophetic. Today, nearly all these prophecies... MORE

  • Mark2 cover 158x219 822556227882

    The Mark 2: Redemption


    Two heroes on the run pray to receive help from a higher power in a world of chaos. MORE

  • Evangelism trilogy new 1420667149483 1420667150570 158x219 822636611846

    Future Tense

    26 min

    A college student sends a message to his family. In it, the future is waiting... MORE

  • Affectionatelyyours 273x378 1420667380446 1420667381810 158x219 822638147629

    Affectionately Yours, Screwtape: The Devil and C.S. Lewis

    52 min | nr

    Straight from the inner workings of C.S. Lewis, explore the biblical, historical and cultural depictions of the... MORE

  • Worm 273x278 1420667004484 1420667005903 158x219 822637123586


    30 min

    When one teenager thinks he's "too cool" for the Lord, he quickly discovers how important He is when he needs H... MORE

  • 25 messianic signs 273x378 1420669055707 1420669056843 158x219 822645315637

    Twenty-Five Messianic Signs

    56 min | nr

    Discover specific signs that are evidence of the coming of the Messiah, as one prophetic scholar takes you on a... MORE

  • Noahlastdays ca

    Noah And The Last Days

    29 min

    Presenting a somber warning, this film considers what the ancient story of Noah may say about the present and f... MORE

  • Years beast 273x378 1420666995845 1420667000283 158x219 822634563882

    Years of the Beast


    An unbelieving professor must experience the events of the book of Revelation firsthand. MORE

  • End of the harvest 273x378 1420667155754 1420667157002 158x219 822635075909

    End of the Harvest

    54 min

    A Christian, blinded by pride, seeks revenge on a school club filled with atheists who claim that God does not ... MORE

  • What the bible code predicts cover 1420660896794 1420660897384 158x219 822602307832

    What the Bible Code Predicts

    58 min | nr

    For centuries, many notable scholars have believed that there are two sets of messages in the Bible. Do you kno... MORE