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  • Lovecoversall ca 158x219 822612547981

    Love Covers All

    1:18 | nr

    When a father-to-be gets stranded with his wife in labor back home, he has to ask for help. But he might regret... MORE

  • Revroad coverart2 158x219 822563907809

    Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End

    1:28 | nr

    Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, a salesman struggles to make it home during the aftermath of the R... MORE

  • Marriageretreat cover 158x219 822577219851

    Marriage Retreat

    1:22 | nr

    A funny, heartfelt story about the difficulties many marriages face and the simple solution. MORE

  • Thetencommandments coverart 158x219 820559939796
    Icomoon tv Series

    The Ten Commandments Miniseries

    1:27 | pg-13

    How one infant escapes death and how one man will travel to the ends of the Earth to help him reclaim his destiny. MORE

  • Resurrection 273x378 1420671648969 1420671649859 158x219 822654019567


    48 min | nr

    The story of one man's quest for truth and the discovery that leads to his renewal. MORE

  • Apostle peter ca2 158x219 822578243609

    Apostle Peter And the Last Supper

    1:32 | nr

    A famous criminal makes an unforgettable impression on his jailers through the saving power of the Gospel. MORE

  • Lampdark 273x378 1420669011315 1420669012339 158x219 822645827886

    A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible

    2:58 | nr

    The Bible stories you may have never heard, but that you'll want to hear again and again. Meet the great warrio... MORE

  • Brotherwhite cover

    Brother White

    1:30 | nr

    How one aspiring pastor takes a leap of faith and must build trust with his new congregation in time to save it. MORE

  • Breakaway cover 158x219 822550083830

    Break Away

    1:53 | nr

    A man and his brother set out to find meaning after bearing the brunt of layoffs during the recession. MORE

  • Bonhoefferagent 273x378 1420667311018 1420667312367 158x219 822636099683

    Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace

    1:25 | nr

    Shedding light on the heroic rebellion of a Lutheran minister who could have saved his life, but instead paid t... MORE

  • 1500steps ca

    1500 Steps


    1500 Steps is a transforming journey towards self-belief and brilliance. Jobe has inherited his father’s athlet... MORE

  • 180 ca 158x219 821172803782


    27 min

    Watch as people's viewpoints are flipped upside down when they're faced with undeniable facts about abortion. MORE

  • 180sp ca2 158x219 821172803778

    180 (Spanish Translation)

    28 min

    Ver como cambian los puntos de vista de las personas cuando se enfrentan a hechos innegables sobre el aborto. MORE

  • 3day test ca

    3 Day Test


    In an effort to reconnect the family, Martin Taylor locks everyone inside the home without power or running wat... MORE

  • 40nite ca 158x219 821156931519

    40 Nights


    Jesus embarks into the wilderness for 40 nights. MORE

  • 94feet ca

    94 Feet


    94 feet is a tension filled Faith movie based on true events. MORE

  • A cross to bear ca

    A Cross to Bear


    This emotionally powerful story of tragedy, forgiveness, redemption and faith gives new meaning to the word fam... MORE

  • A letter for joe 273x378 1420686515391 1420686516567 158x219 822650435982

    A Letter for Joe

    1:33 | nr

    When Joe won't stop idolizing his brother, will he be at the receiving end of a prank that sends him on an adve... MORE

  • Longwayhome 273x378

    A Long Way Home

    51 min | nr

    A first born son leaves home for an adventure in Europe, facing choices that will ultimately define who he is. MORE

  • Longways cover 158x219 822551107796

    A Long Way Off

    1:44 | pg

    A modern retelling of the Prodigal Son: Jacob ventures out into the world, only to learn that the world is hars... MORE

  • Cm pathintime dvd new 1420667207269 1420667208879 158x219 822635075933

    A Path In Time

    54 min

    A time travel adventure about the word of God and the love a father has for his son. MORE

  • Aperfectchord ca

    A Perfect Chord


    A Perfect Chord is an inspiring film about overcoming fears, living up to expectations, and using one’s gifts a... MORE

  • Placecalledhome 273x378 1420668568575 1420668569748 158x219 822643267670

    A Place Called Home

    58 min | nr

    Ralph Martin leads us on the quest for personal meaning through the eyes of others who openly share their journ... MORE

  • Aplaceintheheart ca  279481

    A Place in the Heart


    Forgiving a friend is the hardest thing for a friend to do. MORE

  • Portrait of america

    A Portrait of America


    In A Portrait of America, George Barna offers his most recent research to examine the beliefs and values of Ame... MORE

  • Questions of origins ca

    A Question of Origins


    Exposing blind speculation and evolutionary bias in cosmology, chemistry and biology, “A Question of Origins” p... MORE

  • Aha ca

    AHA Movie


    Parental Warning: Adult Situations An allegory for the prodigal son, Anjela – a waitress by day and student b... MORE

  • Studyguideaha ca   copy (3)
    Icomoon tv Series

    AHA: Movie Study Guide

    28 min

    Parental Warning: This film addresses adult themes that may not be suitable for children. AHA stands for Awaken... MORE

  • Accidentalactivist ca

    Accidental Activist

    58 min

    Is it enough for a Christian man to mind his own business and build his happy life, even when controversy is th... MORE

  • Actsofgod ca 158x219 821127747587

    Acts of God


    If God is good, why does he allow so much pain in the world?  MORE

  • Ag sg ca   copy (2) 158x219 821127747579
    Icomoon tv Series

    Acts of God: Study Guide

    28 min

    If God is good, why does he allow so much pain in the world?  MORE

  • Adventcalendar 273x378 1420667941971 1420667942851 158x219 822639683901

    Advent Calendar

    1:23 | nr

    Go on a journey through Advent season and discover exactly where so many of our Christmas traditions come from. MORE

  • Adventcal2 273x378 1420667386558 1420667388144 158x219 822638659537

    Advent Calendar #2: Christmas Carols Edition

    1:15 | nr

    Your spirit will sing with the inspiration and fun of the most treasured songs and carols of Christmas. MORE

  • Advinretirement 273x378 1420667937461 1420667938776 158x219 822639683900

    Adventures in Retirement

    1:33 | nr

    Meet people whose lives are reinvented post-retirement after discovering God's plans for them. MORE

  • Advofapostlepaul 273x378 1420668564607 1420668565682 158x219 822642755692

    Adventures of the Apostle Paul

    28 min | nr

    Children are introduced to the Apostle Paul in order to understand how the early church survived, spread, and g... MORE

  • Affectionatelyyours 273x378 1420667380446 1420667381810 158x219 822638147629

    Affectionately Yours, Screwtape: The Devil and C.S. Lewis

    52 min | nr

    Straight from the inner workings of C.S. Lewis, explore the biblical, historical and cultural depictions of the... MORE