• Evg ca

    Evolution Vs God

    35 min

    A case for creationism, combined with a few snapshots of expert testimony from leading evolutionary scientists ... MORE

  • Brokenness ca


    4 min

    How to take the essential journey from feeling "broken" to feeling "whole" by taking the path of God. MORE

  • The cure ca


    10 min

    The world is dying of an unknown virus that is spreading fast, but one child could hold the cure for mankind. MORE

  • Bday ca

    Birthday Surprise

    19 min

    A mother/daughter shopping trip turns into a great surprise that neither of them could have ever expected. MORE

  • Onthewhitetrack ca   copy (11) 158x219 821135939659
    Icomoon tv Series

    On the White Track

    3 min

    Let Pure Flix's own David A.R. White give you a look at what production life is really like. MORE

  • Music box 273x378 1420667117941 1420667119245 158x219 822635587735

    Music Box

    28 min

    How the discovery of a music box can change a miserable man's life—and faith—forever. MORE

  • Noahlastdays ca

    Noah And The Last Days

    29 min

    Presenting a somber warning, this film considers what the ancient story of Noah may say about the present and f... MORE

  • Puretalk ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Pure Talk

    21 min

    Lee and Leslie Strobel Talk About "The Case for Christ". MORE

  • Heaven ca


    28 min

    Inspiring real life stories intertwined with never-before-seen footage of Billy Graham talking about heaven. MORE

  • Inarmsofangels 273x378 1420666721538 1420666722627 158x219 822632515801

    In The Arms Of Angels

    13 min | nr

    A moving example of the power of prayer, a miracle, and God's grace in a young girl’s life. MORE

  • Tabernacle cover 158x219 822566467784


    27 min | nr

    if you have ever dared to imagine the experience of being in the Holy Place, then sit back, and be amazed. MORE

  • 180 ca 158x219 821172803782


    27 min

    Watch as people's viewpoints are flipped upside down when they're faced with undeniable facts about abortion. MORE

  • Weekthatchanged cover 158x219 821071427826

    Week That Changed The World

    33 min

    The resurrection happened. It's not just the belief of Christians, it's borne out by history, archaeology, and ... MORE

  • Cabin6 273x378 1420667819471 1420667820506 158x219 822639171563

    Cabin 6

    25 min | nr

    On the verge of divorce, one couple finds a journal of past love stories that could rekindle the love they've l... MORE

  • Nogreaterlove cover 158x219 822584387974

    No Greater Love (2006)

    16 min | nr

    Based on true events, "No Greater Love" explores the theme of sacrificial love set against the backdrop of hist... MORE

  • Eyes to see 273x378 1420670832012 1420670833116 158x219 822648899505

    Eyes To See

    32 min | nr

    Inspired by a true story, a selfish news cameraman must reevaluate his job description when he is faced with th... MORE

  • Kingsheart ca

    King's Heart

    25 min

    King’s Heart is based on the true story of Louis and his middle son, Joey, the smallest starting offensive line... MORE

  • Worm 273x278 1420667004484 1420667005903 158x219 822637123586


    30 min

    When one teenager thinks he's "too cool" for the Lord, he quickly discovers how important He is when he needs H... MORE

  • Blackoasis 273x378 1420667323994 1420667325125 158x219 822636099703

    Black Oasis

    25 min | nr

    When one girl struggles with her parents marital troubles and is faced with temptation of an unexpected friend,... MORE

  • Zamp cover 158x219 822541891820

    Louis Zamperini: Captured by Grace

    28 min | nr

    When war hero Louis Zamperini returns home, he finds everything around him falling apart. Until everything chan... MORE

  • Whengodishiding cover 158x219 821071427819

    When God Is Hiding

    25 min

    One of the most beloved authors of our day, Philip Yancey, has never shied away from the toughest subjects. Tru... MORE

  • Bartsgift 273x378 1420667898552 1420667903082 158x219 822638659786

    Bartholomew's Gift

    30 min | nr

    The story of a young boy with an unbelievable gift who overcomes it all and finds his peace. MORE

  • Mightierthansword 273x378 1420668509560 1420668510386 158x219 822642243751

    Mightier than the Sword

    30 min | nr

    Filmed in Germany, Israel, and England, and using drama and powerful testimony, this documentary explains why t... MORE

  • Helen keller cover 1420665078462 1420665079222 158x219 822607939767

    Helen Keller

    13 min | nr

    The incredible true story of a woman who couldn't see or hear, yet shared her message with the world. MORE

  • Fullcircle cover 1420660757635 1420660758336 158x219 822603331649

    Full Circle

    26 min | nr

    The story of a troubled boy, and how he eventually set himself free. MORE

  • Forgiven 273x378 1420666265598 1420666266591 158x219 822620739938


    11 min | pg-13

    A short film originally inspired by the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant from Matthew 18. MORE

  • Loveneighbor ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Love Your Neighbor

    28 min

    The Bible says that loving others is the sum and fulfillment of God’s Law. Discover how Jesus’ friendliness ena... MORE

  • Sixpants ca 158x219 821127747596

    Three Stooges - Sing a Song of Six Pants

    16 min

    When the boys read about the big reward for a fugitive robber, they think it could be the answer to their probl... MORE

  • Famous inventors cover 1420665125222 1420665126041 158x219 822610499547

    Famous Inventors and Inventions

    27 min | nr

    By examining the most influential inventors from the past, it's clear to see the bright future for entrepreneur... MORE

  • Harlemgrace cover 1420660687709 1420660688803 158x219 822601283866

    Harlem Grace

    31 min | nr

    What happens when a Harvard graduate with a promising future, from a prominent family, decides to move into Har... MORE

  • Famous hispanic americans cover 1420665128414 1420665129280 158x219 822608963640

    Famous Hispanic Americans

    26 min | nr

    The Hispanic culture is thriving in our country through music, art, fashion, sports, science, medicine, and gov... MORE

  • Genius ca 158x219 821175875895


    29 min

    A fascinating look at one of the most famous and talented musicians of our time and how this musical genius lived. MORE

  • Alexander gram bell cover 1420665218936 1420665219747 158x219 822608963710

    Alexander Graham Bell

    15 min | nr

    Known as one of the inventors of the greatest communication tools in our modern world. This is Alexander Graham... MORE

  • Egypt cover 1420665505387 1420665506053 158x219 822607939995

    Egypt (2010)

    24 min | nr

    The home of awe-inspiring monuments and treasures comes to life in this comprehensive journey through one of th... MORE

  • Silent cover 158x219 822547011598

    Silent Night

    1:29 | nr

    What happens when three Americans and three Germans are brought face to face in the middle of war? Find out in ... MORE

  • Set free cover 1420666004149 1420666005206 158x219 822615107822

    Set Free (2011)

    36 min | nr

    A film touching on the subject of abortion and how God can help heal anything. MORE