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  • Bonobos ca 158x219 821071939578



    The critically important work by renowned naturalist Claudine Andre to save the endangered bonobo apes of the C... MORE

  • Testoftime1 cover 158x219 821070915786
    Icomoon tv Series

    Test of Time

    28 min

    Part 1 - Commitment - Debbe Santiago, once a homeless alcoholic and drug addict on Coney Island, is now a follo... MORE

  • Stumblingblocks1 cover 158x219 821070915826
    Icomoon tv Series

    Stumbling Blocks to Faith

    19 min

    Part 1 - Hypocrisy. Many who claim to believe in absolute truths do not practice what they preach. From the mo... MORE

  • Spirinparent1 cover 158x219 821073475703
    Icomoon tv Series

    Spirituality in Parenting

    33 min

    In Part 1 - Love, host Fr. Doug Lorig explores the relationship between parent and child. Children need safe, ... MORE

  • Christmasmiracle ca

    Christmas Miracle


    The beloved "Painter of Light" Thomas Kinkade, presents the heartwarming drama "Christmas Miracle". Due to unfo... MORE

  • Catching faith 273x378 ca

    Catching Faith


    When their son loses his spot on the football team, the Taylor Family questions what they thought was most impo... MORE

  • A cross to bear ca

    A Cross to Bear


    This emotionally powerful story of tragedy, forgiveness, redemption and faith gives new meaning to the word fam... MORE

  • Solomon ca 158x219 821067843760

    The Solomon Bunch


    A group of elementary-school children in small-town Georgia form a special club with the goal of becoming as wi... MORE

  • Heartlandchristmas2 ca 158x219 821172803814
    Icomoon tv Series



    When horses face a disaster on Christmas, two friends must do everything in their power to save them. MORE

  • Wherelutherwalked cover 158x219 821070403790

    Where Luther Walked

    35 min

    How did Martin Luther, who sought only the quiet of monastery, become a pivotal figure in Western history? Why... MORE

  • Whengodishiding cover 158x219 821071427819

    When God Is Hiding

    25 min

    One of the most beloved authors of our day, Philip Yancey, has never shied away from the toughest subjects. Tru... MORE

  • Weekthatchanged cover 158x219 821071427826

    Week That Changed The World

    33 min

    The resurrection happened. It's not just the belief of Christians, it's borne out by history, archaeology, and ... MORE

  • Threedays cover 158x219 821070915770

    Three Days That Changed The World

    26 min

    Though he went to church as a child, Rob, a busy designer, has gotten away from his spiritual roots. For him E... MORE

  • Stationsofjoy cover 158x219 821070403865

    Stations of Joy

    47 min

    The twelve apparitions incorporated within the fourteen Stations of Joy explain the ultimate purpose of Jesus' ... MORE

  • Spiritassisi cover 158x219 821070915877
    Icomoon tv Series

    Spirit of Assisi

    23 min

    With stunning photography and original medieval melodies, the enchanting town of Assisi is explored through tes... MORE

  • Selectmessjones cover 158x219 821071939766

    Selected Messages from E. Stanley Jones

    48 min

    Fortunately, films have been found of some of his best messages delivered in the 1960's. E. Stanley Jones, note... MORE

  • Sexasgg1 cover 158x219 821073475756
    Icomoon tv Series

    Sex as God's Gift

    32 min

    Parental Advisory: This series addresses mature subjects and is intended for teenagers and young adults. Part ... MORE

  • Sanctuary cover 158x219 821073475774

    Sanctuary: Teaching Aids

    16 min

    See the Sanctuary as never before with this Special Teachers Edition. Everything you’ll ever need to teach thi... MORE

  • Resurrectedlife1 cover 158x219 821073475860
    Icomoon tv Series

    Resurrected Life

    14 min

    Filled with artistic images of the Holy Land, soul-stirring music, and the wisdom of prominent spiritual teache... MORE

  • Classicsmrmrsnorth ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Classic Mr. & Mrs. North

    26 min

    The secrets of the Honey Moon Inn come to the surface during the North's fifth anniversary visit to the hideawa... MORE