Kid's Choice

  • Christmasforlittlechild cover 1420665924656 1420665925491 158x219 822611523903

    Christmas For Little Children

    29 min | nr

    Discover the true meaning of Christmas: celebrating the birth of Jesus! Through exciting music and stories, rej... MORE

  • Clockmaker ca

    Clock Maker

    1:21 | pg

    Three kids discover a time machine in the apartment of the weird old man living upstairs and must go back in ti... MORE

  • Colbysclubhouse ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Colby's Clubhouse

    25 min

    When Colby falls ill, he must turn to the friends he trusts the most. MORE

  • Curiosityquest8 ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Curiosity Quest

    27 min | nr

    Joel Greene explores how animatronics are created. MORE

  • Lost in a cave cover 1420671139731 1420671140862 158x219 822649411638
    Icomoon tv Series

    Davey and Goliath

    15 min | nr

    A story about a young boy who gets lost and how he looks to God. MORE

  • Backtoschoolwithfranklin es ca2

    De Regreso a la Escuela con Franklin

    46 min | g

    Se terminó el verano y Franklin y sus amigos regresan a clases. MORE

  • Derbydogs ca

    Derby Dogs

    1:27 | pg

    Twelve-year-old Ben plans to build a race-winning Kiwi Flyer, but his dream gets shattered when his father gets... MORE

  • Discoverscience ep26 cover 1420664590717 1420664591712 158x219 822590019708
    Icomoon tv Series

    Discover Science

    14 min | nr

    Watch, amazed, as light travels from 300m away by using only mirror reflections. It's not a trick. It's science. MORE

  • Doggone ca

    Dog Gone

    1:47 | pg

    It's a hilarious battle of wits, when 12-year-old Owen and his dog are left home alone with Owen’s older sister. MORE

  • Dooley coverart 1 158x219 822553667954
    Icomoon tv Series

    Dooley and Pals

    27 min

    Our favorite alien reminds his human friends of an important lesson in kindness when they're all faced with the... MORE

  • Easterpromise cover 158x219 822547523990

    Easter Promise

    46 min | nr

    A lesson about forgiveness, a young man learns to trust in Jesus and witnesses the fulfillment of the greatest ... MORE

  • Elf man ca



    An elf is sent to a special family to restore the Christmas spirit, but instead the family teaches him a thing ... MORE

  • Eloise ca   copy (15) 158x219 821157443918
    Icomoon tv Series


    17 min

    It’s Eloise’s sixth birthday and she’s planning the most special party ever! MORE

  • Ek coverart   copy (2) 158x219 822541379691
    Icomoon tv Series

    Ewe Know

    26 min | g

    When the flock follows Spunky to the pond, he learns a lesson on responsibility; they learn the one they should... MORE

  • Farkleberry farm ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Farkelberry Farm

    22 min | g

    Every farm needs water - but Farkleberry Farm is getting too much of a good thing! MORE

  • The first easter ca

    First Easter

    24 min | nr

    This spectacular 3D animated DVD tells the story of Christ’s sacrificial gift to mankind through the eyes of a ... MORE

  • Back2school ca

    Franklin Back to School Special

    47 min | g

    Franklin can't wait to get back to class. Finally, the first day of school arrives and Mr. Owl's students get a... MORE

  • Deepseavoyage ca

    Franklin and Friends: Deep Sea Voyage

    45 min | g

    Franklin, Bear and Mr. Turtle as they navigate the great blue seas of the Caribbean in an underwater submarin... MORE

  • Polar ca

    Franklin and Friends: Polar Explorer

    45 min | g

    Franklin and his family as he leaves Woodland on a "special" journey to the North and South Pole! MORE

  • Greenknight ca 158x219 821130819920

    Franklin and the Green Knight

    1:15 | g

    Everyone is very tired of the winter, and they fear that spring may never arrive. Franklin is particularly exci... MORE

  • Turtlelaketreasure ca 158x219 821130307978

    Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure

    1:16 | g

    A summer playing pirates takes a surprise turn for Franklin with the appearance of his Aunt Lucy and her goddau... MORE

  • Franklinandthegreenknight es ca2

    Franklin y el Caballero Verde

    1:15 | g

    Franklin vivia muy feliz con sus papas en el bosque disfrutaba del invierno con sus amigos, jugando con la nieve. MORE

  • Franklinandtheturtlelaketreasure es ca2

    Franklin y el Tesoro del Lago

    1:16 | g

    Un verano tranquilo jugando a los piratas da un giro sorpresivo para Franklin cuando aparece su tía viajera, Lucy. MORE

  • Ardvark ca1
    Icomoon tv Series

    From Aardvark to Zucchini

    22 min

    An entertainingly, appetizingly, alphabetically animated episode about the letter “A.” MORE

  • Funniest pets and people 01 01 ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Funniest Pets & People

    21 min

    A fast-paced series that showcases funny home videos of pets and people of all ages at their hilarious best. MORE

  • Golook&candymaker cover 1420665921036 1420665921962 158x219 822612547533

    Go Look in The Manger - Candy Maker's Christmas

    50 min | nr

    The stories of two young men who learn valuable lessons in love and humility as they discover the perfect Chris... MORE

  • Grand prix the winning tale ca

    Grand Prix - The Winning Tale

    1:34 | g

    Alice, with the help and support from her family and friends, challenges the school bully to a race! MORE

  • Greatbibledisc1  273x378 1420666789879 1420666790892 158x219 822635075614
    Icomoon tv Series

    Great Bible Discovery

    1:37 | nr

    Three stories that will remain forever classics in your hearts, yet provide you the answers you may always have... MORE

  • Gulliverstravels cover 1420665917159 1420665918088 158x219 822612035540

    Gulliver's Travels

    1:11 | nr

    An animated feature about a regular-sized giant with wonderful songs and endearing characters. MORE

  • Hamletandhutch ca

    Hamlet and Hutch


    The wonderful story of a young woman and her grandfather who, unbeknownst to her, has Alzheimer’s. MORE

  • Harley s hill ca 158x219 821164099944

    Harley's Hill

    1:25 | g

    A spirited young horse runs away and finds a better life, but can he keep it? MORE

  • Hatched ca



    Cluck Norris, Chickpea and Tiny SchwarzHENegger are determined to show everyone that chickens really can fly! MORE

  • Heartsetfree 273x378 1420667949900 1420667950891 158x219 822641219855

    Heart Set Free : Charles Wesley

    1:41 | nr

    Discover the poet, husband, and hymn writer who penned "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing" and "O, For a Thousand To... MORE

  • Howcancelebrateadvent cover 1420685445447 1420685446574 158x219 822613059616

    How Can I Celebrate Advent?

    28 min | nr

    Two children hear God's plan of salvation as they light the candles of their Advent wreath and mark the days un... MORE

  • Howcancelebratepassover 273x378 1420666734220 1420666735548 158x219 822635075577

    How Can I Celebrate Passover?

    24 min | nr

    A young Christian boy is introduced to the Seder in the most delightful way. MORE

  • Hurley cover   copy (2) 158x219 822545987997
    Icomoon tv Series


    20 min

    As the entire town prepares for the Centennial, the kids learn amazing truths about God and His first commandment. MORE