Kid's Choice

  • Velveteen ca 158x219 821156419771

    The Velveteen Rabbit

    1:28 | g

    One of the most beloved family tales of all time comes to life in an enchanting combination of live action dram... MORE

  • Tommyandthecoolmule coverart 158x219 822541891937

    Tommy and the Cool Mule

    1:34 | pg

    Get ready to laugh at the antics of a young boy and his talking mule. MORE

  • Toyz goin  wild ca

    Toyz Goin Wild

    1:15 | g

    Blast off with Zippy Star to battle injustice and evil! MORE

  • Treasure state cover 1420660095987 1420660096830 158x219 822593603631

    Treasure State

    1:22 | nr

    A plane crash in the mountains of Montana will either keep a decades-long family feud alive or bring reconcilia... MORE

  • Tunetime cover 158x219 822551107996
    Icomoon tv Series


    17 min | g

    Tune in and meet the Tunies. What are Tunies, you ask? You'll have to visit this special record store to find out. MORE

  • Beautyandbeet pf coverart 158x219 822538819559

    Veggie Tales: Beauty and the Beet

    57 min

    Can the Veggie Tones make it to Veggie Square Garden? Beets me. MORE

  • Dukepiewar ca  707797

    Veggie Tales: Duke and the Great Pie War

    44 min

    When the armies of Rhubarb go to battle against the Kingdom of Scone, The Great Pie War breaks out and things r... MORE

  • Esther ca  427223

    Veggie Tales: Esther

    39 min

    Can Queen Esther prevent her people from being exiled to the "Island of Perpetual Tickling?" MORE

  • Itsameaningfullife pf coverart 158x219 820560451586

    Veggie Tales: It's A Meaningful Life

    50 min

    When one bad play hurts Stewart's dreams, he may get the chance he's been hoping for after all. MORE

  • Badapple ca  643572

    Veggie Tales: Larry Boy and the Bad Apple

    45 min

    When one bad apple tries to control a town, Larry Boy must help before the bunch is spoiled. MORE

  • Lbfib pf coverart 158x219 822532163794

    Veggie Tales: Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space

    32 min

    When one little fib turns into a 30-foot monster, Junior must get control of it before it swallows the truth wh... MORE

  • Maclarry pf coverart 158x219 820559427687

    Veggie Tales: MacLarry & the Stinky Cheese Battle

    45 min

    Two clans plot to out out prank each other, but when things get stinky they must learn the value of teamwork. MORE

  • Noahsark pf coverart 158x219 820558915851

    Veggie Tales: Noah's Ark

    50 min

    Noah and his family along with a zoo full of animals take an adventure aboard an orange slice ark. MORE

  • Pennilessprincess pf coverart 158x219 820558915829

    Veggie Tales: Penniless Princess

    49 min

    When Sweet Sarah's live goes from frilly to flailing, will she realize what's most important? MORE

  • Saintnick ca

    Veggie Tales: Saint Nicholas

    46 min

    Hear Bob the Tomato tell the story of St. Nicholas and you decide the true story of Christmas. MORE

  • Bigriverrescue pf coverart 158x219 820559427705

    Veggie Tales: Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry's...

    48 min

    How will Larry's new friend, Big Jim, strain his friendship with Tomato Sawyer? MORE

  • Where the red fern grows (new) 273x378 1420671319465 1420671320512 158x219 822652995524

    Where the Red Fern Grows


    When a boy wants to learn to hunt, an embittered WWII vet takes him under his wing, and they learn a lesson the... MORE

  • Whereredferngrows ca

    Where the Red Fern Grows: 1974

    1:36 | g

    The original version of Wilson Rawls’ acclaimed children’s novel, “Where the Red Fern Grows” that continues to ... MORE

  • Whitelion coverart 158x219 822540867998

    White Lion

    1:33 | pg

    An older lion befriends a rare, young white lion and teaches him how to survive in this compelling story of str... MORE

  • Winslow bear cover 1420666633633 1420666634789 158x219 822632515742

    Winslow the Christmas Bear

    45 min | g

    One bear didn't want to hibernate. So he went out and asked his animal friends about the true meaning of Christ... MORE

  • Wrinklescuddles ca

    Wrinkles, in Need of Cuddles

    29 min

    A family film that shows us anything is possible with the help of a magical friend—even homework. MORE

  • Wubbzy ca 158x219 821161539612

    Wubbzy's Big Movie


    Based on the Emmy® Award-winning preschool series, this movie follows Wubbzy and his friends as they play, laug... MORE