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  • On angel s wings (new) cover 158x219 822594115677

    On Angel's Wings

    1:23 | nr

    A clumsy water-girl-turned-soccer-star learns that miracles really do happen, as long as you have a little fait... MORE

  • Why history matters cover 1420671851935 1420671852925 158x219 822655555585
    Icomoon tv Series

    The American Heritage Series

    28 min | nr

    Discover the truth of our nation's Godly foundation through the American Heritage series. MORE

  • Fflposterart cover 1420660903191 1420660904016 158x219 822605379919

    Friends for Life

    1:31 | nr

    A story of the unlikely friendship between a man and four wolf pups; how true friends come to the rescue when y... MORE

  • Milltown pride cover 1420666133956 1420666134917 158x219 822618179901

    Milltown Pride

    2:14 | nr

    An entertaining evangelistic movie about one man's dreams that recalls a bygone era while conveying relevant tr... MORE

  • The pledge 273x378 1420671401834 1420671402965 158x219 822651459611

    The Pledge

    1:53 | nr

    A teenager learns the true meaning of sacrifice after his bad behavior lands him face to face with true heroes ... MORE

  • Johnnewton 273x378 1420668517476 1420668518602 158x219 822643267626

    John Newton

    45 min | nr

    Learn of the towering challenges John Newton overcame in his journey of faith and perseverance. MORE

  • Uphill battle 273x378 1420671369842 1420671370774 158x219 822652995602

    Uphill Battle

    1:31 | nr

    The proof of faith is often discovered in the halls of heartbreak. MORE

  • Ericliddellchampion 273x378 1420667229704 1420667231203 158x219 822637635693

    Eric Liddell: Champion of Conviction

    54 min | nr

    This fascinating documentary presents the life of Olympic hopeful Eric Liddell, who chose God over the possibil... MORE

  • Reggie s prayer 1420669060261 1420669061411 158x219 822645315638

    Reggie's Prayer

    1:34 | nr

    Reggie must save the life of a high school football player when he gets kidnapped by a local gang. MORE

  • A dogs tail cover 1420666654177 1420666655215 158x219 822633539982

    A Dog's Tale

    1:31 | pg

    How will Tim's beliefs and attitude change when his greatest wish is granted? The answer will surprise him. MORE

  • Allthechildren 273x378 1420667928995 1420667930042 158x219 822638659795

    All The Children Ought To Know

    28 min | nr

    Give your children the gift of music, and watch them learn, grow, and sing along with these celebratory songs o... MORE

  • Amishdvd 273x378 1420667361759 1420667363014 158x219 822638147599

    Amish: A People Of Preservation

    54 min | nr

    Insightful commentary on the survival of an alternative to the kind of world we have made: a in-depth peek into... MORE

  • Bartsgift 273x378 1420667898552 1420667903082 158x219 822638659786

    Bartholomew's Gift

    30 min | nr

    The story of a young boy with an unbelievable gift who overcomes it all and finds his peace. MORE

  • Clemente cover 158x219 822569539968

    Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories

    1:30 | nr

    A story of a baseball hero's love for his family, his team, his fans and the people who needed love the most. MORE

  • Bobbybowden 273x378 1420667835831 1420667837144 158x219 822639171593

    Bobby Bowden: A Winning Way

    29 min | nr

    A behind-the-scenes look at a coaching giant as he shares the keys to what makes a winner whether in athletics ... MORE

  • Bigwish ca

    Care Bears: Big Wish


    When one bear's wishes seem to go unappreciated, her biggest wish is to find friends who truly care. MORE

  • Changingfacedvd 273x378 1420667801986 1420667803224 158x219 822639683824

    Changing Face of Worship

    52 min | nr

    "Alternative worship" addresses the challenge today's Christian churches face in a postmodern world. MORE

  • Christiano cover



    One woman truly repents of her sins and is rewarded with a glowing faith and the courage to lead her family tow... MORE

  • Christmasforlittlechild cover 1420665924656 1420665925491 158x219 822611523903

    Christmas For Little Children

    29 min | nr

    Discover the true meaning of Christmas: celebrating the birth of Jesus! Through exciting music and stories, rej... MORE

  • Highway 101 cover 1420660117375 1420660118180 158x219 822591043903

    Christmas on Highway 101

    58 min | nr

    Go on a ride with Legendary band Highway 101, as they take you on a musical journey of inspiring and heartwarmi... MORE

  • Church ball cover 1420666624395 1420666625547 158x219 822632003965

    Church Ball

    1:31 | pg

    How divine intervention helped one man turn a team of oddballs into a team of potential champions. MORE

  • Countryremedy ca  753268

    Country Remedy

    1:42 | pg

    A big-city doctor must spend his summer in the mountains in order to get his dream job, and learns the most imp... MORE

  • Cowboys of faith cover art 1420666663147 1420666664039 158x219 820558915810

    Cowboys of Faith

    1:43 | nr

    Today’s greatest rodeo competitors provide, with extraordinary action footage, witness to the power of faith fo... MORE

  • Crosscreek ca

    Cross Creek

    2:00 | pg

    The true story of a novelist who retreated in 1928 to an isolated citrus grove in order to write in solitude. MORE

  • The cure ca


    10 min

    The world is dying of an unknown virus that is spreading fast, but one child could hold the cure for mankind. MORE

  • Divorcing god 273x378 1420670866449 1420670867599 158x219 822648387601

    Divorcing God

    30 min | nr

    A revealing look at what the Founding Fathers believed about morality and religious faith as the pillars of our... MORE

  • Echoes cover 158x219 822580803592

    Echoes ‘cross the Tracks

    1:45 | nr

    Clarksdale, Mississippi and Notodden, Norway are unlikely sister cities, but both demonstrate the global impact... MORE

  • Elle ca

    Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale

    1:38 | g

    Believing her past will never allow Elle to accomplish her dreams, it will take the work of a pop star to convi... MORE

  • Encounteratsummitcross cover 1420661201039 1420661201674 158x219 822606915865

    Encounter at the Summit Cross

    42 min | nr

    Christians and spiritual seekers will be challenged and inspired by the life lessons these climbers encounter a... MORE

  • Erroll garner cover 1420687746471 1420687747577 158x219 822658115698

    Erroll Garner

    52 min | nr

    Known for his dynamic personality, Erroll Garner is recognized today for his virtuosic piano style, which shape... MORE

  • Foof ca 158x219 822527555856

    Faith of Our Fathers

    1:35 | pg-13

    Two fathers leave a legacy for their children, proving the devastation of war cannot break the love of a father... MORE

  • Fanny crosby cover 1420666313935 1420666317384 158x219 822623299998

    Fanny Crosby (1984)


    Explore how the ever popular Fanny Crosby wrote so many of her songs through trials and tribulations. MORE

  • Fannycrosby 273x378 1420667214561 1420667215864 158x219 822638147519

    Fanny Crosby Story

    44 min | nr

    Fulfilling the roles of wife, mother, friend, teacher, nurse, and humanitarian, Fanny Crosby was an exceptional... MORE

  • Footprints cover 158x219 822633539991


    1:40 | nr

    Feeling unwanted. Feeling unloved. Embraced by loneliness. This is when God does His greatest work. MORE

  • Fortheglory 273x378 1420666855456 1420666856979 158x219 820557891844

    For The Glory

    1:45 | nr

    Showing how God’s intervention turns failure into triumph in ways we can't begin to imagine. MORE

  • Giftofhope 273x378 1420666809797 1420666813674 158x219 822630979934

    Gift Of Hope: The Tony Melendez Story

    41 min | nr

    The real story of Tony Melendez, an inspirational musician who was born without arms. MORE