• Encounter cover 158x219 822577731647

    The Encounter

    1:30 | nr

    A spiritual Encounter causes five stranded strangers to take a look at their lives in a way that will leave the... MORE

  • Ifnotforhisgrace ca

    If Not For His Grace


    Rev. Randolph leads the charge to keep the neighborhood peaceful before a tragedy threatens to tear their lovin... MORE

  • Journey ca1
    Icomoon tv Series

    Journey: Personal Exploration with Peter France

    14 min

    Part 1. First Impressions presents a childhood collage: Peter’s working-class family, chapel-going, childhood ... MORE

  • Encounter2 cover

    The Encounter: Paradise Lost

    1:44 | nr

    Stranded strangers get one final chance at redemption from a man who claims to be Jesus Christ. MORE

  • Blood ca

    Four Blood Moons


    Are we watching and listening for His message? MORE

  • Ashestoglory 273x378 1420667355226 1420667356976 158x219 822637635815

    Ashes to Glory: An Easter Devotional

    2:03 | nr

    Whether the observance of Lent is a yearly custom or a first-time experience, deepen your faith with the music ... MORE

  • Escape cover


    1:29 | nr

    Searching for a place to start over, Paul and Kimberly find more than they asked for in the unknown world and c... MORE

  • Bibles greatest miracles cover 1420660888042 1420660888873 158x219 822605379896

    The Bible's Greatest Miracles: The Proof

    1:28 | nr

    Five of the Bible's most spectacular stories and mysteries explained by biblical scholars. MORE

  • Esther cover 158x219 822557763710

    The Book of Esther


    A new queen's quest to stop the Lord Haman's evil plot. MORE

  • Aboutmiracles dvdcover 273x378 1420668428997 1420668430112 158x219 822643267556

    About Miracles

    59 min | nr

    Offering the facts surrounding real life miracles and how sometimes, the only logical explanation is God. MORE

  • Setfree cover 158x219 822594115643

    Set Free (2014)

    1:39 | nr

    An unexpected widow starts to love again, but must first confront the secrets of her past. MORE

  • The gospel according to matthew ca (1)

    The Gospel According to Matthew


    The Vatican names this as the best film on the life of Jesus Christ ever made. MORE

  • Travelinglight ca   copy (2)
    Icomoon tv Series

    Traveling Light

    27 min

    Max Lucado invites you to journey through the 23rd Psalm and unpack the burdens you were never meant to carry. ... MORE

  • Expgod ca

    Experiencing God


    A moving look at what can happen when you decide to meet God where he is already working and join in on His work. MORE

  • Passioninjerusalem cover 158x219 822574147660

    Passion in Jerusalem

    24 min | nr

    An unforgettable visit to the very places where the climactic events in Jesus' life took place in this dramatic... MORE

  • Miraclesinourmidst cover 1420660874925 1420660875658 158x219 822604355789

    Miracles in our Midst

    58 min | nr

    If we look beyond the headlines, we might find untold stories of miracles in the most unlikely of places. MORE

  • Noah cover 2 158x219 822578243830


    1:50 | nr

    In a godless environment, one man chooses to follow divine instruction and prepare for the unexpected. MORE

  • Prodigal ca 158x219 821133379533



    Levi Layton is tired of his small town life and his workaholic father, but finds his way out when he receives a... MORE

  • Notafan 1 158x219 821128771985

    Not a Fan


    Parental Warning: alcohol, medical trauma Follow the journey of Eric Nelson, a man leading a compartmentalize... MORE

  • The covenant 273x378 1420686955497 1420686956549 158x219 822650947610

    The Covenant


    A movie exploring how sometimes, people have to endure what can't be endured and how faith can get them through. MORE

  • Behind the sun cover 1420667192591 1420667193920 158x219 822638147503

    Behind the Sun

    50 min

    A Muslim man makes a journey back home to see his family. Little do they know how different he's become. MORE

  • Joyofseekinggodfirst ca

    Joy Of Seeking God First

    3:58 | nr

    Discover the joy that thousands have experienced as they learn to prioritize time alone with God on a daily basis. MORE

  • Cabin6 273x378 1420667819471 1420667820506 158x219 822639171563

    Cabin 6

    25 min | nr

    On the verge of divorce, one couple finds a journal of past love stories that could rekindle the love they've l... MORE

  • Beyondnextmt 273x378 1420667339365 1420667341374 158x219 822637635809

    Beyond The Next Mountain

    1:39 | nr

    How a village of people changed their brutal practices after a single copy of the New Testament changed them fo... MORE

  • Zamp cover 158x219 822541891820

    Louis Zamperini: Captured by Grace

    28 min | nr

    When war hero Louis Zamperini returns home, he finds everything around him falling apart. Until everything chan... MORE

  • Lovecoversall ca 158x219 822612547981

    Love Covers All

    1:18 | nr

    When a father-to-be gets stranded with his wife in labor back home, he has to ask for help. But he might regret... MORE

  • Charge over you 273x378 1420671164781 1420671165581 158x219 822649923653

    Charge Over You

    1:24 | nr

    In the face of seemingly insurmountable tragedy, Sara finds healing and answers in the most unexpected of places. MORE

  • Checkmate cover 158x219 822576707580


    1:29 | nr

    The opportunity to realize the dream of law school forces Aaron Carlson down the most improbable path. MORE

  • Greateryes cover 158x219 822579779748

    A Greater Yes

    1:29 | nr

    After one student loses her biggest struggle, the people whose lives she's changed find "A Greater Yes" in her ... MORE

  • Apostle peter ca2 158x219 822578243609

    Apostle Peter And the Last Supper

    1:32 | nr

    A famous criminal makes an unforgettable impression on his jailers through the saving power of the Gospel. MORE

  • Time changer cover 1420666342596 1420666343726 158x219 822625859874

    Time Changer

    1:39 | pg

    A Bible Professor travels over 100 years in the future to see the impact of the things we do today. MORE

  • Entertainingangels cover 1432571924650 1432571925250 158x219 822607939551

    Entertaining Angels

    1:51 | pg

    One woman's struggle as she establishes the Catholic Worker movement and commits herself to a lifetime of peace... MORE

  • Heaven ca


    28 min

    Inspiring real life stories intertwined with never-before-seen footage of Billy Graham talking about heaven. MORE

  • Catchinghearts cover 1420661235775 1420661236608 158x219 820558915815

    Catching Hearts

    1:13 | nr

    A man profits by telling people that God doesn't exist. But when he uncovers the truth, will he follow his care... MORE

  • Jesusrevealed 1 cover 1420660224283 1420660225027 158x219 822594627840
    Icomoon tv Series

    Jesus Revealed

    40 min | nr

    It's time to encounter the authentic Jesus! In this fresh and innovative series of short teaching films, church... MORE

  • Asistand cover 158x219 822576707606

    As I Stand

    1:36 | nr

    Two men go on a great search that leads them to the same question: Would you love God for nothing? MORE