• Bibleidiots ca

    Bible Idiots


    A family of stand-up comedians tour the country while taking the opportunity to talk to people about their thou... MORE

  • Biblequiz

    Bible Quiz


    This docu-drama follows Mikayla as she memorizes thousands of Bible verses for the famed "Bible Quiz" in a ques... MORE

  • Bcs 101 ca 158x219 822512707699
    Icomoon tv Series

    Biblical Collectors’ Series

    55 min

    How modern technology may be the impetus for ancient predictions of impending disasters to finally come true. MORE

  • Biblicaltheater 273x378 1420668556531 1420668557646 158x219 822642755675

    Biblical Theater

    1:33 | nr

    Biblical costume experts take you behind the scenes of their creation process. MORE

  • Birthoffranciscanfb ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Birth of the Franciscans

    31 min

    The first discipline of Saint Francis who vowed to live in poverty and dedicated his life to the gospel. MORE

  • Blackoasis 273x378 1420667323994 1420667325125 158x219 822636099703

    Black Oasis

    25 min | nr

    When one girl struggles with her parents marital troubles and is faced with temptation of an unexpected friend,... MORE

  • Blessyouprison 273x378 1420668552374 1420668553144 158x219 822642755660

    Bless You Prison

    1:27 | nr

    Despite being taken from everything she knew and loved and having to endure horrible cruelty, one woman found G... MORE

  • Boxoffaith ca 158x219 821140547583

    Box of Faith


    Recently orphaned, Dior believes that her antique writing box, grants her whatever she needs to survive on her ... MORE

  • Breakingdownbarriers 273x378 1420667297890 1420667299457 158x219 822637635726

    Breaking Down Barriers: Journeys of the Apostle Paul

    29 min | nr

    How Paul's Gospel message broke down the barriers between Jews and Gentiles, rich and poor, men and women. MORE

  • Breakingrules 273x378 1420667829046 1420667830340 158x219 822641219766

    Breaking The Rules

    26 min | nr

    After a debilitating accident, Mark has a dramatic encounter with God that restores his hope and provides a new... MORE

  • Bringingjoshuahome 273x378 1420668544367 1420668545348 158x219 822643267656

    Bringing Joshua Home

    24 min | nr

    Against all odds, one family goes against a Russian law and brings their baby home to the United States. MORE

  • Bringingupbobby ca

    Bringing Up Bobby


    Meet the Wyler family. A shopaholic, a drifter, a goth teenager, and the oldest brother who raised them all. A ... MORE

  • Brokenchains ca

    Broken Chains


    When Benny Trevors was eight years old, he watched his father get run down by a drunk driver in their church pa... MORE

  • Brotherwhite cover

    Brother White

    1:30 | nr

    How one aspiring pastor takes a leap of faith and must build trust with his new congregation in time to save it. MORE

  • Bugtime lottoswallow 273x378 1420668315688 1420668316669 158x219 822641219943
    Icomoon tv Series

    Bugtime Adventures

    23 min | nr

    How three bugs find themselves in the belly of a whale and what they must do to find freedom. MORE

  • Burning ca   copy (2) 158x219 822500931529
    Icomoon tv Series

    Burning Questions

    43 min | g

    Is the universe just the results of atoms evolving, resulting from a “Big Bang”, or is there a higher power out... MORE

  • Bnis cover 158x219 822574659910

    But Now I See

    17 min | g

    When a homeless woman is forced to make a choice between a mirror and a Bible, she has no idea how substantial ... MORE

  • Bygodsgrace cover 158x219 822578243838

    By God's Grace

    1:26 | nr

    When a 16-year-old boy loses everything on Christmas Eve, a special visitor demonstrates that even in the darke... MORE

  • Chspurgeontonight 273x378 1420667823935 1420667824912 158x219 822639171571

    C. H. Spurgeon Tonight

    59 min | nr

    A look into Charles Spurgeon's life and ministry, and Dr. Skinner's dramatic portrayals of Spurgeon, the man an... MORE

  • Cpinsider ca   copy (2) 158x219 821127747658
    Icomoon tv Series

    CP Insider

    4 min

    J.D. Greear Interview: The Holy Spirit Inside of You is Better Than Jesus Beside You MORE

  • Cpnewsroom   copy (2) 158x219 821129283519
    Icomoon tv Series

    CP Newsroom

    11 min

    Chad Veach explains what he believes keeps people away from church. MORE

  • Calltobusiness 273x378 1420668540642 1420668541625 158x219 822642755626

    Call to Business

    1:45 | nr

    How God fits into career and business goals and what we must do to shift our priorities to serve him "full-time." MORE

  • Calledvocation 273x378 1420667815252 1420667816217 158x219 822641219756

    Called: Vocation As An Expression Of Faith

    22 min | nr

    A wide cross-section of teachers and leaders probe what it means not only to live one's beliefs at work, but li... MORE

  • Couragecalling ca 158x219 821140035689

    Calling of Courage


    Kurt and Julie are faced with a life altering incident when their teenage daughter is tragically struck by a dr... MORE

  • Campharlow ca

    Camp Harlow

    1:27 | nr

    One bully is determined to shut out everything, but is brought out of the corners of her own heart by the most ... MORE

  • Cancer stories ca
    Icomoon tv Series

    Cancer Stories

    56 min

    The brave stories of five people in this raw look at their battles with disease. MORE

  • Captivated 273x378 1420668532394 1420668533263 158x219 822644803592


    1:47 | nr

    Get a glimpse of the disastrous side-effects of rising media addiction demanding God-honoring discernment in th... MORE

  • Catching faith 273x378 ca

    Catching Faith


    When their son loses his spot on the football team, the Taylor Family questions what they thought was most impo... MORE

  • Cathheroes augustine 273x378 1420667283590 1420667285509 158x219 822636099660
    Icomoon tv Series

    Catholic Heroes of Faith

    35 min | nr

    A story of a saint caught between two worlds and the difficult choice he must make. MORE

  • Celebrate the child ca

    Celebrate The Child

    44 min

    One man. Six characters. Unique encounters with Jesus. It's a solo live performance to celebrate Christmas. MORE

  • Census&star 273x378 1420667811156 1420667812186 158x219 822640195598

    Census And The Star: Christmas

    27 min | nr

    A series of mysterious events that led to Christ's birth and the first Christmas ever celebrated. MORE

  • Challengeofislam 273x378 1420667806397 1420667807294

    Challenge of Islam

    2:42 | nr

    Explore the beliefs of Islam and Muslim religious practices as an Arab-Christian shares why he believes in Jesu... MORE

  • Changed lives ca

    Changed Lives

    54 min

    When three people ultimately face an event that leaves an unforgettable impact, they undergo the greatest kind ... MORE

  • Changingfacedvd 273x378 1420667801986 1420667803224 158x219 822639683824

    Changing Face of Worship

    52 min | nr

    "Alternative worship" addresses the challenge today's Christian churches face in a postmodern world. MORE

  • Chaplains ca



    With a tradition dating back centuries, chaplains today are on the front lines – often in the midst of life and... MORE

  • Chartingchristmas cover 1420661239217 1420661239935 158x219 820558915856

    Charting Christmas

    41 min | nr

    From St. Francis of Assisi to Coca-Cola, popular Christmas traditions have been shaped by numerous influences. ... MORE