Best Friends

Best Friends

12 “furever” four-legged friends made plans to meet up for a weekend of all of them are making the journey, each having an adventure along the way. Trains, buses and by foot they make their way to the river...a favorite campsite! Deep down in the forest, by the light of the full moon, a cute little terrier, named Sophie and her friends, Bella, Toby and Rocky play “Hide and Seek”. They are filled with excitement as they wait for the rest of their “furever” friends to come. As each friend arrives, they set up their tent and join the others. They all go swimming, and seashell hunting. As Night time sets in, they gather sticks for the campfire and tell fireside stories.

1 hr 20 min

MPAA Rating: G: General Audiences

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For Ages 11 to 12, For Ages 8 to 10, For Ages 5 to 7, Pets, Kids & Family, Comedies, TV, Movies


Bree Anne Ermey, Sandy Howell, Alexandra Armstrong
Terri Lynn Link
Terri Lynn Link
Cheryl Freeman, Terri Lynn Link