The Pledge

The Pledge

  • 1 hr 53 min
  • NR

A teenager learns the true meaning of sacrifice after his bad behavior lands him face to face with true heroes of our country.

Parental Warning: Mature Subjects

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Recommended Age: 12+

Dominant moral worldview respecting veterans and pledging allegiance to our country; No foul language; Brief violence including character threatening to fight another character, character clenches fist in effort to punch another person, one character throws another man onto a couch in anger; No sexual content; No nudity; Brief alcohol use including parents drinking wine at dinner; No smoking or drug use; Low level of miscellaneous immorality such as lying, revenge, poor role models, and dysfunctional family portrayals.

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  • Nudity


  • Sex


  • Violence


The Pledge


  • Actor
    • Barrett Carnahan
    • Terry Kiser
    • Emily Capehart
  • Producer
    • Ty DeMartino
    • J.W. Myers


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