New Hope

New Hope

  • 2 hr 4 min
  • NR

A touching drama showing the story of a student who learns how to forgive, even when he's feeling most displaced.

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Recommended Age: 12+

Strong Christian worldview and redemptive elements including quotations from Scripture, praying the Lord’s prayer, repentance, the Gospel message, and references to a pastor, God, faith, Jesus, and church; strong depiction of Biblical moral values including love, peace, trust, encouragement, grace, forgiveness, compassion, friendship, a young man has an open and respectful relationship with his parents, the value of strong character and convictions is emphasized; light profanity with God’s name taken in vain once; light violence with a reference made to a student who committed suicide, a student with anger issues attacks and fights another student on several occasions; light sexual content with a several kisses shared between an unmarried couple, a girl tempts her boyfriend to have sex, a girl gives her boyfriend a condom; no nudity; light drinking with high school kids shown drinking at a party; light smoking with high school kids smoking at a party; anger, rudeness, siblings fight, rebellion.

  • Language


  • Nudity


  • Sex


  • Violence


New Hope


  • Writer
    • Rodney Ray
  • Director
    • Rodney Ray
  • Producer
    • Christina Porter
  • Starring
    • Ben Davies
    • Samuel Davies
    • Perry Frost


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