Pivot Point

  • 1 hr 26 min
  • PG-13

As the lives of high school students spiral out of control, they wish to go back and change, one pivotal point in time.

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Recommended Age: 15+

A pagan worldview dominates the message of the movie, stating that a person’s choices-good or bad-determine their life, a bad choice will leave you "stuck in that pivot point, forever," this worldview completely ignores God’s grace and Jesus’ redemptive sacrifice, faith is, however, a primary motivation in the film for avoiding sin-including sexual sin, Christian faith is held in a positive light, but the message is distinctly anti-biblical; a teenage boy is called "f*g" by another boy; a brutal school shooting is depicted with lots of gore, a girl cuts her wrists onscreen; a teenage couple walk into a bedroom together and shut the door, a teenage girl is seen sitting on a toilet waiting for the results of a pregnancy test, brief flashbacks are shown of a young boy getting enticed into the house of an older man, it is later revealed the boy was molested, a boy struggles with homosexuality-he is seen logging onto a gay porn website,-and a teenage boy buys a pack on condoms and talks about getting laid; no nudity; teenagers drink out of red solo cups at a party; no smoking or drug use; an abusive, violent father tears his family apart.

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Pivot Point



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