JK's House

JK's House

  • 1 hr 28 min
  • NR

Gather the family together and enjoy a blend of music and fun, as well as important life lessons challenging families to come together.

Parental Warning: Mild Language (OMG)

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Recommended Age: 12+

Mostly biblical worldview with positive messages stressing forgiveness, obedience and good attitudes, with a light Humanist worldview elements, teaching viewers to trust in yourself and your own dreams; light Romantic elements, such as the lines "if you just believe, set your dreams free, you'll be victorious" and "all you need is courage and confidence, and never give up" and Anti-Biblical elements shown in some lines that directly contradict Biblical ideals; three counts of taking the Lord's name in vain; no violence; no sexual content; no actual nudity, but some slightly revealing clothing shows the upper inner thigh, and the top of female breasts; no alcohol use; no smoking; and lack of respect for parents.

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  • Nudity


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JK's House


  • Actor
    • Robin Givens
    • Jakayla Lawrence
    • Cymia Telleria
  • Writer
    • Aaron L. Williams
  • Director
    • Aaron L. Williams
  • Producer
    • Matt Keith
    • Aaron L. Williams


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