Apocalypse IV: Judgment

  • 1 hr 41 min
  • PG-13

A lawyer and a "Christian terrorist" face off. But can God win in a courtroom owned and ruled by the Antichrist?

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Recommended Age: 15+

Very strong Christian worldview (the temporary reign of the Antichrist serves as the backdrop), courtroom scenes affirm absolute truth, heaven, and Christ’s resurrection; strong moral worldview with a Christian character considering taking up arms against persecutors but ultimately decides not to, Kendrick is determined to fulfill his job as a lawyer competently; no foul language; six characters are seen killed by gun shots (blood is briefly shown sometimes), two attempts at murder by knife (one leaves a small cut in a character’s neck), an abandoned church is burned, a grenade explodes; no sexual content, but a pair of security guards watch a woman (possibly a prostitute) start to undress on a television screen; no nudity; Kendrick is said to be an alcoholic, holds or consumes a drink several times, and appears intoxicated in one scene; no smoking or drug use; and, an intense scene at the start involves character desperately fighting for her courage and sanity through prayer while in prison, that same scene shows disgustingly worm-ridden food.

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  • Nudity


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  • Violence


Apocalypse IV: Judgment


  • Actor
    • Corbin Bersen
    • Mr. T
    • Jessica Steen
    • Nick Mancuso
  • Writer
    • Andre van Heerden
    • Peter Lalonde
    • Paul Lalonde
  • Director
    • Andre van Heerden
  • Producer
    • Paul Lalonde
    • Peter Lalonde
    • John Patus
    • Nicholas Tabarrok


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  • Thriller
  • Suspenseful
  • Faith
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