If Not For His Grace

If Not For His Grace

  • 1 hr 26 min

Rev. Randolph leads the charge to keep the neighborhood peaceful before a tragedy threatens to tear their loving family and their community apart.

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Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong Christian worldview with references made to God, church, the Lord, the Spirit, prayer, Christ, conversion, pastors, the Bible is quoted; very strong depiction of biblical moral values including respect, wisdom, love, trust, perseverance, self-sacrifice, being a peace-maker, grace, and the value of family; unbiblical elements of characters speaking to their deceased relative; mild language with one profanity; moderate, mostly implied violence with territorial gang fights, two men are shot and killed, another man is said to have been shot and killed, a teenage boy is shot and taken to the hospital in an ambulance, a woman hits her daughter across the face; light sexual content with an unmarried couple shown kissing, a woman is described as "Floozy"; no nudity; no alcohol; light smoking with a gang member shown smoking a cigar; disrespect, anger, gossip, resentment, bitterness, quarreling.

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  • Nudity


  • Sex


  • Violence


If Not For His Grace


  • Actor
    • Tammy Townsend
    • Chelsea Tavares
    • Zachary Williams
  • Writer
    • Dennis Rowe
  • Director
    • Dennis Rowe
  • Producer
    • Rugg Williams


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