Gallows Road

Gallows Road

  • 1 hr 44 min

An unthinkable crime, will draw two men together, changing their lives forever. Turning one from the light while speeding the other towards darkness.

Parental Warning: Adult Situations

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Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong Christian worldview with strong moral points about the power of forgiveness; no foul language; strong violence includes guns are fired several times throughout the movie, man knocked unconscious with butt of gun, house set on fire, and this accidentally kills a mother and two children, two men get into a fist fight, man hits his daughter, truck flips over, and man hurts his head with small amounts of blood shown, man throws furniture around store, man gets shot, man gets stabbed; no sexual content; no nudity; some alcohol use and drunkenness; man smokes cigarette; and, sheriff covers up his nephew’s crimes, men try to get revenge, racist comments, and girl lies about not having a father.

  • Language


  • Nudity


  • Sex


  • Violence


Gallows Road


  • Actor
    • Ernie Hudson
    • Kevin Sorbo
    • Bill McAdams Jr.
    • Marcus Mauldin
    • Rett Terrell
    • Mary Jean Bentley
  • Writer
    • Bill McAdams Jr.
    • Grace McAdams
  • Director
    • Bill McAdams Jr.
  • Producer
    • Mary Jean Bentley


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